In Conversation with Sandunes Ensemble

A chat with Sanaya Ardeshir of Sandunes Ensemble while they were in Pune for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festival.

Tell us about you and Sandunes Ensemble…
I’m Sanaya Ardeshir and I’ve been making music for a few years now. After doing live electronica by myself along with solo & DJ sets, this year I’ve expanded into a band. I’ve got 2 very talented musicians in the band – Bradley Tellis from Mumbai who’s an incredible guitarist and Jivraj ‘Jiver’ Singh from Kolkata, who’s a drummer but also a very innovative percussionist.
We had the opportunity to do live versions of my songs and we created this set especially for NH7. In doing that we realized that this is something we want to take forward. I’m very lucky to have very good friends who’re vocalists and they were happy to sing for the band. Rohan Mazumdar, Mink, Nicholson and Siddharth Basrur sang for us and it was better than what I expected.
Is this something that you always wanted to do or did electronica just happen?
I think it was. My background is that I’m a musician, and then became a producer. So I stopped playing with bands and I started DJing. But now to be able to blend those 2 things, and having my own band play my music is a dream come true. I felt so happy because I’ve done this before but I’ve always played someone else’s music but to actually perform in a band with your own material is a special feeling.
Which are you favourite cities to perform in?
My parents live in Pune and I’m a huge fan of Pune. I come to Pune very often and I love to perform at High Spirits. The band and I can’t wait to perform with the band there, which will happen very soon.
Any message for Punekars?
Listen to more music and support your local music scene by attending gigs. Support your artists online. Support art because art & music is such an important indicator of the social cultural condition of a place. Pune is thriving with some fantastic musicians so it’s important for all to talk about them on social media and spread awareness. You can listen, buy & download our music at the band pages on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.
Where does Sandunes Ensemble go from here?
Bigger stages, more cities, more band stuff, more DJ sets, more albums, just more & more & more…
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