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In Conversation with EDM Sensation Asaf Borgore

A fun chat with EDM sensation Asaf Borgore!

Asaf Borgore played his first gig in India at the Enchanted Valley Carnival on Dec 21, 2014. We managed to have a little chat with him backstage. Here is what the Israeli born EDM sensation has to say about music, India, Indian music, Indian food and more…
Israel to India…how has this journey been possible for you?
I guess it’s all thanks to the internet. It makes the world a small place- everyone you know is on the internet! If this were to happen twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today.
You’ve transitioned from jazz to electronic…
I was a part of a death metal band Shabira, and then went over to dubstep and electronic music. I’ve been a jazz player all my life- I have a major in saxophone.  I have also been a piano player since the age of 3. From a complicated form of music like jazz, I shifted over to electronic, which is easier. So yes, the transition was easy. I mean, you don’t have to spend 12-13 hours everyday practising rhythms and going through notes in electronic music. And I don’t want to call my music dubstep or techno; I keep experimenting with beats. It gets too boring otherwise.
Your lyrics seem to be getting a lot of negative attention.
(Smiles) I’m just having fun, I don’t mean any of that. I come from a traditional family where my mother has been a strong support system for all of us. They hear my music, they know I don’t mean any of it. There’s nothing bad about it, it’s all in good humor! If I were singing about doing an errand, my mum would be annoyed. But all that I sing about now? Meh, they know it’s fun stuff.
This is your first visit to India. How has the experience been so far at the EVC?
Oh it’s been great! I was pretty excited about performing here. India is a large country, constantly evolving its tastes and standard of living. The music industry itself has seen such a huge shift in the type of music one prefers now. Alternative music has been a big hit in India, and I see a lot of potential. In fact the number of fans in India are more than in the rest of the world.
What are your views on piracy?
Honestly, it’s flattering. I wouldn’t encourage it, but I know if you’ve taken an effort to buy a pirated copy of my music, you’re going to shift on to the real deal the next time something is released. That’s how it works! Especially in the peer groups…I make my money from shows, if that’s what you’re getting at (laughs).
Have you heard anything from the Indian music industry till now?
Not really. I’ve landed here at the EVC, and I haven’t had a chance to check out any other performance. I hear Nucleya playing right now and I’ve heard a couple of his Indian electro tracks; he’s insane. As far as Bollywood music is concerned, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it. To be honest, Indian music is complicated, confusing and difficult. I’ve tried learning and understanding it, but it’s way too difficult.
How has your experience in India been so far?
I have only been at the EVC, so there’s definitely a lot more in store. One thing I’ve noticed here is that the people are very nice and warm and helpful. I have never seen and experienced anything like India before this. It’s… different and exciting. Also, curry is a big deal for me, it’s my favourite food. I had some for lunch and it was amazing; I can’t wait to try out more of it!
Image Credit: Sanil Mahajan