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A Christmas Brunch for the ages…

Oh the drools…

No, we’re not going poetic on you. It’s actually quite literal! Read on to know what we thought of the best Christmas Brunch in town at the Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre, Bund Garden Road.
’Twas the day before Christmas. An invitation landed in our hands. Rather, the mobile phone! And we were enchanted. It promised much. It would be foolhardy to let go of. So we gathered a few more good folks and sent in our RSVP. We would be there…
The Food.
To cut a long lunch short, it rocked! You want more details? Okay, then…
A typical Sunday brunch at a good hotel offers a good variety. On a special day like Christmas, one expects something special. The Courtyard by Marriott (CbM) didn’t disappoint. From sushi to ham to turkey to some mind-blowing prawns, it was all there.
We started to list down everything on the menu, but then, that activity got lost as we started to taste alongside. And soon enough, the scrap on which we were writing was nowhere to be found. It most probably got used as a hand tissue without me realising! It was used well, at least!
Of the various items on offer at the massive spread, what caught our eye was the brilliant ham and the turkey. Both succulent and the ham had just the right amount of sweet. Lip-smacking!
What’s Christmas, though, without some sweet, eh? The dessert cafe (calling it a counter would be an affront to the spread) was just too much. We should have researched this before we tucked in to the main course, but that didn’t really affect our efforts! Of all the items, the mud-cake was the best. This is one item we will be back for later, Christmas or not!
The Ambience.
A Christmas brunch is about family time and the set-up at the venue offered enough to keep the young ones and the older ones occupied. The outside area was well appointed with live counters including chaat. Pastas, Mediterranean food and a well-stocked bar added to the allure. For kids, there was a fine play area that meant the adults could enjoy their meal and beverages without worry. A magician, too, was at hand who did hold court at every table and kept the adults engrossed as well. Question to the management: Please find out and tell us how he did the fragrance trick!
One of the highlights of our meal was the interaction opportunity with the chef. He was cordial enough to walk about with the guests and gather feedback. That isn’t something that happens everyday and showed us the effort and care that had gone into the planning of the meal. Kudos.
All-in-all, it was a day very well spent. Four hours passed in the blink of an eye and we can’t wait to visit CbM again. We’re hooked!