8 Fashion Trends Spotted at NH7



The music aside, NH7 Weekender has also become one of the trendiest festivals! Music lovers put their best fashion foot forward in the 3-day festival. We went trend spotting for you!

rencontre a rouen gratuit 1. Wedges – When you’re attending a concert and are shuttling from stage to stage which involves considerable walking, you want to be wearing comfortable shoes. We saw lots of girls wearing some trendy high wedges and they seemed so comfortable walking in them.

rencontre en ligne casablanca 2. Afro – Afro style wigs were sported by lots of guys. Green, orange and black, we found Afro wigged heads bobbing up and down to the music.

comment hacker un site de rencontre payant 3. Florals – So many girls were wearing floral printed dresses, skirts, pants and tops and tees it seemed like spring broke out!

the hookup show prep 4. Suspenders – You have to hand it to the guys for upping the classy quotient with suspenders. They wore them on shirts with pants and even shorts.

anchor 5. Tiara – The girls looked angelic with floral tiaras on their loose long hair. We must add here that we saw atleast two or three guys who were wearing the tiara!

site de rencontre virtuel 6. Pastels – The festival was brought alive with lovely bright pastel coloured clothes. Pretty sure the bands on the stage were singing to a very colourful palette of people.

site de rencontre d'homme noir 7. Hats – Here’s an accessory that you don’t normally see people wearing often. The Weekender is a great chance to wear some chic hats. We spotted French style berets and straw and tweak hats.

http://ducove.sk/milno/7282 8. Concert gear – There were lots of other fun gear to make people concert-ready such as cat ear hair bands and Kanye West style neon-coloured glasses.

Image Credit: Sanil Mahajan