7 Tips for an Awesome NYE!

New Year’s Eve is just a day away and most of you are still trying to answer the question ‘What’s the plan for NYE?’ While you’re deciding on the plan, here are some tips that’ll help you get through to 2015 without any bumps!
Select a party to attend
Torn between attending a lavish & extravagant party at a club and a nice little house party at a friend’s place? Well, I don’t blame you but time is of the essence here. You need to choose a party now (it’s already very late!) so you can plan everything else around it quickly. Keep in mind that most outdoor parties will charge you a bomb and depending on how the night goes, they may be forced to shut down pretty early. House party sounds better eh?
What are you going to wear?
Whichever party you choose, it’s important that you choose your party wear early. Do not wait until the 31st to go out shopping. It’s a working day so avoid the traffic and last minute panic. Also, keep in mind the weather outside. While writing this article, there was a forecast of a thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon while the minimum temp was expected to be around 11°C. Tricky!
Alcohol and permits
Yes, if you’ve been ignorant all these years, let me remind you that you need a liquor permit to consume, transport or store alcohol in Maharashtra. Not surprisingly, the cops only seem to remember this law on NYE. So if you’re planning to consume alcohol, make sure you are of legal drinking age (21 yrs. for Beer, 25 yrs. for Hard Liquor) and obtain a one-day permit for Rs.5. This should be available at your local wine shop or you can head to the Excise office near Pune Railway Station.
Arrive early and don’t drink and drive
Keep your fancy cars at home! Use Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure or any other cab service to travel on NYE. Save yourself from driving around in traffic, looking for a parking space, drinking & driving etc. etc. Arriving early is also key to avoid the traffic mess especially in the Koregaon Park area.
Don’t mix alcohol
I know you have an extra strong liver but wait for another day to show that off. Stick to 1 type of drink and don’t be a hero (or villain by the end of it). Remember that it’s not about how much alcohol you can consume, it’s about spending the last day of the year with friends & family.
Eat food, plenty of it
While alcohol is usually the star of the night, do not forget to eat. Eating food is man’s basic need; not drinking alcohol. Eat before, during & after the party in small quantities. Choose the right food – too much of oily food or chips do not count. Sandwiches, salads, rice usually helps manage the alcohol better. See a doc before and carry prescription medicine if you have a problem with ‘you-know-what’!
Party hard!
The whole point of NYE parties is to celebrate the passing of the year and welcoming the New Year. Dance away into the night, make new friends, kiss new people (not when your better half is around) and just have a blast. Party with the motto ‘Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin’!

Image Credit: By Sarah Ackerman used under Creative Commons License