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7 Must-Have Soups in Pune!

We’re soup people!

Pune has seen some of the best instances of ‘eccentric’ weathers this year.  Rain in the rainy season- expected; romantic at first but then annoying! Rain in summers- refreshing at first and then humid as hell! Rain in winters- well that’s just preposterous and downright disappointing for those of us who love the winter chills! But, now it feels like winter again and what’s winter without a hot bowl of delicious soup? Let’s get out and grab a spoon shall we?
1. Chicken Soup at Café Goodluck, FC Road
A place that features on almost all of the ‘must-have’ lists of foods in Pune, outdoes itself when it comes to the chicken soup. A clear recipe of delicately spiced warm chicken broth with a scrumptious peace of boiled chicken is truly a remedy for all the sore throats, broken hearts, the common cold and of course, gorgeous winters.
2. Mutton Paya Soup at SP Biryani, Tilak Road
Hands down one of the best places to have Biryani at, it also features on my list of the best Paya Soup in Pune. Authentic spices and a special dash of pepper complete this bowl of delectable delight. It’s best enjoyed with their Mutton chops or one of their signature Biryanis.
3. Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup with Gruyere Toast at April Rain, Aundh
A twist on the traditional tomato soup, this a definite must-have on the menu whenever you visit April Rain in Aundh. Beautiful, smoked bell peppers combine with the richness of the tomatoes and other seasonings to bring warmth and taste to your tongue one sip at a time.
4. Spinach and Burnt Garlic Soup with Chicken at Golden Dragon, Kothrud
This place is definitely one of Kothrud’s best kept secrets when it comes to Chinese Food. Order this in-house special on the menu and the first thing that is sure to happen to you is that your jaw is going to drop at the size of the serving. The broth is clear, peppery and seasoned with Spinach bits and burnt garlic along with shredded chicken. Beautiful!
5. Tom-Yum Soup at Trikaya, Bavdhan
Thai spices, delicious preparations and an authentic taste all come together beautifully at this place located near Bavdhan. The mixture of aromatic lemongrass, red chilly paste and shrimps combine beautifully with affir lime leaves adding just the right zing! Hmm! I must stop now, *drooooollls!* Must, must try!
6. Crab Meat Soup at Nisarg, Erandwane
This fine dining place has always been a go-to destination for all seafood lovers in Pune. While there, do try the Crab Meat Soup! There’s just something immensely satisfying about the tender texture of the meat in a delicious blend of flavors. Their Crab Manchow Soup is another option, basically a fried garnish of garlic and chilli and some soy sauce added to the original recipe. Do sample their award winning Clam Chowder while you’re there.
7. French Onion Soup at Arthur’s Theme, Koregaon Park
If authentic, European preparations are your calling then this eatery must feature on your list. Their French Onion Soup is best enjoyed in the beautiful, warm ambience and the ever-smiling service.  The broth and delicate spices are simply divine. A small tip; do try their Solomon Prawns as well; highly recommended!

Image Credit: By jeffreyw used under Creative Commons License