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5 Worst Things to Wear to a Music Fest

Give these a miss!

It’s the season of music festivals, and we’re not complaining! We’ve spotted some of the whackiest, quirkest, hippest fashion trends this year- gum boots, kimonos, hats, Lenon glasses, sling bags, the works! But not all was hunky dory in fashion world. We spotted some terrible trends, disastrous outfits, malfunctions (ouch) and a lot more. Here’s our take on what we think should NOT be worn to a music festival-
Music festivals mean walking, maybe even running, and a whole lot of jumping. Why would you add heels to this? Unless you want to be nursing sore heels, blisters and maybe even twisted ankles the next day, you might want to stay away from these.
Short Skirts
You don’t want to feel uncomfortable sitting cross-legged on the grass while you catch a break between two stages. Or wear something that needs to be pulled down every time you jump/dance. You might want to dress up in something that allows you to lounge in impunity.
Fur Coats and Other Winter-Wear
It might be winter, but there’s another occasion to wear all your winter wear. Maybe a Christmas Brunch or an NYE Barbecue party? Point being, the fur coats and heavy winter-wear are going to leave you hot and sweaty 30 minutes into a concert. Taking them off would mean carrying around load, or feeling too cold. Dress appropriately. Give the furs/faux furs a miss.
Suede and Velvet
It might look great, but think about the dust, mud, the fact that someone might spill a drink over your shoes/dress…and once suede or velvet is dirty, consider it soiled for life.
Extremely Tight Clothing 
Because after a certain point your body might need some space to breathe. The sweat might even cause the clothes to rub against your skin and cause blisters. We understand that music festivals are a time to bring out the hippie in you, but before planning out the outfit, make sure you keep convenience as your first priority. Stay comfortably stylish!
Image Credit: Sanil Mahajan