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Reviewed: Largo Pizzeria (Viman Nagar)

Reviewed: Largo Pizzeria in Viman Nagar. Yay or Nay?

It’s been about 4 months since my move to Pune (Viman Nagar), and I have been craving a good slice of regular non-indianised, desi, Paneer Pizza. Choices in Viman Nagar include a Domino’s, Smokin Joe’s and Incognito at Phoenix Market City. I am not a big fan of the super doughy, heavy deep dish bread pizzas of Domino’s or the desi Smokin Joe’s. So, when Largo opened up literally next door, excitement followed and I decided to give it a shot.
Largo isn’t a fancy restaurant, just a small pizza joint with one counter and minimal seating outside. It’s a takeaway joint with very limited home delivery service. Although if you do call them earlier, you can pick up your pizza in about 30 mins.
The Pizza:
I am a huge fan of thin crust pizzas and I was pleasantly surprised with the menu. Although it’s small (5 veg and 5 non-veg options), it’s enough to satisfy all cravings. The USP of Largo is that it serves its pizzas by the slice too which is currently the first in Viman Nagar atleast. Slices are priced pretty reasonably; Rs. 40 for a veg slice and Rs. 50 for a non-veg slice.
I ordered 4 slices-  the Classy-rita (classic margarita), Power Bites (spinach and corn), BBQlicious (Smoked barbecued chicken) and Herby (chicken, herbs and mushrooms).
The veggie slices tasted fresh and full of simple flavour. Sauce to bread ratio was adequate and the crust was cooked quite well. I especially loved the spinach and corn combination- it had a lemony zing to it. As for the non-veg slices, although they tasted pretty good, the chicken on each slice was very minimal. Minus marks for that. I expect atleast one piece of chicken in every bite, and this wasn’t it. A slice had barely 3 pieces of chicken on it.
Overall, the slices were pretty good and full of flavour. I would definitely go back for more! Small note- the pizzas on the menu is made to order and are only served as full pies. Slices are not a la carte; you will have to select from the ones on display at the store.
The restaurant is managed/serviced to customers by its owners Ninfa and Girish who are quite the cheerful duo! Service is prompt and cheerful. No issues there at all.
Value for money: 
This is where the game gets good for the customer. Largo’s regular full pizzas start at 16 inches for Rs. 320 which is a steal at today’s pizza rates! The pizzas go all the way upto 20 inches for Rs. 380 – this could very well be the answer to good food at house parties! The slice model would find its foothold in the afternoon office lunch space as it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket at all.
I did get to meet the owners Ninfa and Girish who are marketing professionals in the IT sector who strongly pointed out to me that none of their pizzas have preservatives, no polybags for delivery and heavily believe in recycling. There is also a wall dedicated to artists who want to promote their art and music in association with Largo.
So, if you are into simple fresh pizzas without tearing your wallet in, Largo is a definite hit.