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Reviewed: Durban BunnyChow (FC Road)

Reviewed: Durban BunnyChow (FC Road). This looks interesting!

The name of this place is interesting and different enough to warrant a visit, and so we did just that. Bunnychow is a staple fast food dish in South Africa that has a hollowed out bread filled with Curry. The style of serving is the only thing that is unique to a Bunny and was invented in Durban, South Africa, by people of Indian origin (Banias). The curry need not have a South African flavour (this I found out after some research, so we were a little disappointed to not find African sounding dished on the menu).
The Food: 7/10
We ordered 4 Bunnys; Schezwan Paneer, Chicken n’ Cheese, Chicken Fajita and Murg Chatkara. The quantity of Paneer and Chicken was fantastic in all of them. The large ones (regular size is also available) look small, but the bread, soaked in curry, makes it a filling meal for an average eater. The Schezwan Paneer had a well-rounded, regular Chinese taste, lacked a little bit of salt, but decent overall. The Chicken Fajita lacked the punch of herbs and chillies, some salt again, but the soaked bread tasted good. That one needs some work. The Murg Chatkara was a tasty, mint-flavoured and perfectly spiced Indian curry that left us licking our fingers. Just right. The Chicken n’ Cheese was the best of the lot though. Creamy, perfect amount of cheese, generous chunks of chicken while the bits of peppers and veggies added just the right crunch.
The menu also comprises Pastas, Tikkas, Rice Pots, and Baked Bread starters. We had the Murg Bhuna Tukda and the Buffalo Wings. The Tikka was perfectly marinated in mint and coriander whereas the Buffalo wings were just about ok, slightly under done. We also ordered the Creamin Celery soup, which was good. Chopped veggies and chicken prepared in a white cream soup base all made for a light flavour.
The Service: 6/10
Although polite and courteous, very, very slow. The rating is 6 as it’s are a new place and hence some leeway. Plus, it’s confusing whether we’re to self-serve or not. So, they need to help out with that.
The Ambience: 8/10
Considering it is a Café/Quick Service Joint, it’s pretty decent. The chairs need to be more comfortable. Nothing much to say otherwise. The ceiling of the indoor seating area is very cool with inverted straw toplis with lights in them.
Overall: 7/10
Definite must visit. Be prepared to wait for your food. They do some things really well and they are worth a second visit. I’ll be going often; the entire menu needs sampling.
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