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My Hunt for the Perfect Birthday Dinner Spot

Lady Singham recently celebrated her birthday in the city! Here’s her experience…

With birthday being round the corner, and me being a big, big foodie, I wanted a place to have a good dinner. As it was a working birthday, going a distance for a restaurant was not an option for me. And being new to the city, had to take a lot of help from websites and colleagues.
So with cuisine chosen as Pan Asian, the first and the most popular option that I got was Malaka Spice. I think with what my colleagues raved about this place, it seemed like it is something that Pune is proud of. No doubt, when I checked the reviews, there was not a single customer who was unhappy. But I wanted to make sure that it was not the only option I had. So the search began again, but this time I did it myself. Many names came up- Infinity- Post 91 Baner, Ambrosia Spa and Resort, Copa Cabana, Melange, etc. All had mixed reviews but then I found Trikaya.
There are 3 things that I wanted in a restaurant I visited on my birthday- great food, ambiance and service.
While Malaka Spice (Baner) hosted strong reviews, it was the ambiance that did not attract me. While Trikaya looked beautiful, the reviews were promising and it was the most closest to my home.
And so a table for 2 was booked with Trikaya. And boy was it worth it or what!
So this place is in Bavdhan and on the top floor of Aditya Shagun Mall. The only saving grace of the mall I think. The first thing you notice when you enter is that the place is enormous. The décor is tastefully done, with statues and murals decorating the place. There is a wall that boasts of awards for best restaurant for Pan Asian cuisine, and I felt assured about my decision.
They have three kinds of seating arrangements and we chose the terrace. With beautiful sculptures of Buddha and candle lights all over, the ambiance is just wonderful.  The restaurant serves pan asian as well as north Indian cuisine and the menu is extensive. Seated comfortably, we ordered drinks and an appetizer. Bbq cottage cheese in Balinese sauce. The quantity is awesome and so is the taste. You get hit with sweet and tangy flavors at the same time. The cottage cheese is soft, yet chewy. The various bell peppers add that required taste to the dish. Now wanting to try something different and unique, we ordered pad Thai noodles with Thai green curry. An unusual combination, but it was amazing. The quantity was again more than enough for two people. Where the noodles were spicy, the Thai green curry was sweet. Together they made an amazing pair.
The cherry on the cake came when the owner, who got know that it was my birthday came up with a blueberry cheesecake  lit up with a candle. Such a sweet gesture on their behalf!
Pros of this place:

  • The ambiance perfect for couples and families
  • Food
  • Service

Cons of this place:

  • Being a fine dine restaurant, there were no napkins on the table. Instead they had tissues.
  • They can work on their cheesecake (moist but the base was not crumbly)

For 3 drinks, one appetizer, 2 main courses, we churned out 2300 inclusive of taxes. A little expensive, but then they make up for it by giving you good service and ambiance.
Verdict- a must visit for special occasions and to satisfy your Pan Asian cuisine cravings.