In Conversation with Fashion Photographers Bunty Deshpande & Prashant Patil

A chat with fashion photographers Bunty Deshpande & Prashant Patil

Did you always want to be photographers? 
P: Speaking for both Bunty and me, we were very passionate about photography during our MBA days. We would head out on weekends to capture pictures, just for fun. We never thought about taking up photography as a career, since it was not something that was encouraged during our college days way back in 1991.
What got you into photography?
P: While clicking pictures, people would often tell us to take up photography as a profession but we were still unsure if we should head that way. When we were almost done with our final year of MBA, we didn’t take up a job because we thought we’d get used to a ‘secured lifestyle’.  We did some research on fields we could work in, like advertising and fashion, and decided to give it a shot.
B: We finally made up our minds to explore the avenue and even consulted our parents. After we completed our MBA, we took up photography as our careers. The idea of fashion photography was new and it was hard to convince everyone.
P: We went to Citadel, the only Pune-based magazine then and asked if we could work with them. Though we didn’t have any professional training or experience we still got the job. We learnt a lot on the job. We’ve been associated with them for a long time now.
Which camera are you currently using?
P: Bunty is currently using the Canon 5D Mark III. He is the photographer whereas I am the shoot director.
What kind of photography is your favourite?
P: Whenever we had the camera in our hands we have always loved working with people as well as aspects that are related to fashion and glamour.
B: Yeah, we didn’t have any inclination towards nature or still-life particularly. People are our favourite subjects.
P: Shooting people and always being able to connect with them has come to us easily. We used to look at international magazines like Vogue, GQ and the likes as our inspiration. We even used to experiment with our clothes in college. We loved dressing differently even though we looked like jokers to others (laughs) with our coloured pants and pullovers.
B: We were fashion-conscious even during those days and we would wear what we want without any hesitation. And the magazines that we read made us more people-oriented photographers.
What else have you been up to?
P: I have been singing. I have given my voice for a song in the Marathi movie, ‘Ishq Wala Love’. The song is a Hindi number titled “Ishq Ho Gaya”.