In Conversation with All India Bakchod (AIB)

A fun chat with All India Bakchod (AIB) while they were in town for the happiest festival!

We were so kicked to meet these guys! Here’s an excerpt from our conversation…
AIB is so popular in India that even school kids have started talking about you. What do you think about that?
Rohan: Being popular is fantastic for us but if school kids are talking about us, it is scary! We aren’t talking to school kids, our audience is completely different. But somehow school kids always try and find the things they’re not meant to watch/read/listen to.
Khamba: It’s just a lot of parents who give away their iPads to kids saying “Beta, mera dimaag kharaab mat karo”.
Tanmay: Yesterday, we bumped into a couple of 13 year old kids who recognised us instantly which was much unexpected. The other day we found out that Smriti Irani was talking about us at IIT. We were like “Wow, really?”
Rohan: You know what that tells you? That tells you there are no other creators on the digital circuit. If there is nobody else there, what are people going to watch?
Ashish: It’s also the medium. Kids are not watching TV nowadays so they are bound to stumble upon such content.
Do you plan to release some kid-friendly content in the future?
Rohan: I don’t think that’s our space. More than creating content for kids, our idea is to create a culture where comedy is taken seriously and is considered as a legitimate career option.
Tanmay: Comedy is not “chutkula suna raha hai”. It involves a whole lot of skill, writing & acting coming together. The attitude needs to change so we don’t plan to talk to kids but feel there’s a need to educate them about comedy.
You guys have been doing stand-up for years now, moved on to online content, you’ve also created a musical gig for NH7, is Bollywood calling next?
Khamba: Bollywood has called, in fact, they gave us a missed call. That’s the last place where our kind of comedy isn’t seen so if we can manage to do something within our space on the big screen, it’ll be a big thing for us culturally.
You guys don’t perform very often in Pune. Are you planning more shows here?
Ashish: We don’t come to Pune as often as we’d like to. We do perform 3-4 times a year but we’re going to be seen here more often starting next year.
Tanmay: Punekars should move to Bombay to watch us more. Pune is good, but Bombay is great!

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Quite a short and interesting interview… yup, comedy is a serious business and these people are seriously good.

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