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9 Must-Have Pav Bhajis in Pune

We list down 9 places that serve some of the best Pav Bhaji in Pune!

The sound of a potato masher going clank-clank on a tawa and the aroma of delicious butter wafting towards you is enough to conjure up a visual of a plate red hot Pav Bhaji. I’ve caught myself staring greedily at the performance a chef behind the tawa puts up. A generous dollop of butter, a dash of mixed vegetable mash and a sprinkle of masala; sets my mouth watering no matter what time of the day or how full my stomach is! Here are 9 places in Pune that serve some of the best Pav Bhajis in the city!
Juice Bar, East Street, Camp
Juice Bar is one of the most popular places to visit when in Camp. It’s usually crowded with hungry shoppers and college students. Their Pav Bhaji portions are generous and not too spicy. It is accompanied with the usual buttered Pav and finely chopped onions with a slice of lemon. An instant hunger killer, this one will not disappoint you.
A-Ju-Ba (Anand Juice Bar), Karve Road
A landmark in itself, this joint is the most crowded place I have ever come across. Regulars swear by their Pav Bhaji as being the best in the world! They are not exaggerating. Their flavoursome Pav Bhaji is indeed one of the best I’ve tasted. It is rich, spicy and yet not heavy on the pocket. Served in a plate with compartments, you can see the butter dancing around the edges of the Bhaji. The Pav itself is so soft, it absorbs all the butter. Absolutely sinful and heavenly!
Samudra, Karve Road, Nal Stop
It is very easy to overlook Samudra on Karve Road, owing to its proximity to Ajuba. But their Pav Bhaji is not something you want to miss. The Bhaji is a little more ‘liquidy’ than anywhere else, but that only adds to its flavour. Their Pavs are slightly toasted in butter, giving a nice crunch to every bite. The place is usually frequented by working professionals and families.
Shiv Sagar, J.M. Road
Shiv Sagar usually does justice to every dish that leaves their kitchen. Their Pav Bhaji is no exception. Jain, Khada, Cheese, Amul or Tomato, whichever variety you order, it hits all the right spots. In fact, their Jain Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular in Pune!
Prithvi, Dahanukar Colony, Kothrud
Just ahead of Dahanukar Colony, Prithvi looks like any typical ‘Shetty’ joint, till the aroma of fresh Bhaji hits you at the entrance. Their portions are huge and will mandate an extra Pav or two, making this snack turn into a whole meal. What makes their Pav Bhaji unique is a special dark coloured masala that gives the Bhaji an extra tang. Slurrrp!
Supreme Snacks, J.M. Road
This little eatery is a rage amongst college goers and family people alike. Be ready to wait anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes if you opt for a dine-in. A friend of mine once waiting for a full 90 mins for her turn! Their Bhaji is special because they let it simmer on the tawa for longer to get every bit of spice cooked to perfection. The Pav itself comes lightly brushed with masala, which makes it a perfect first bite without the Bhaji as well.
Girija Juice Bar, Sadashiv Peth
This multi-outlet restaurant is “the” place for Pav Bhaji if you are around Deccan, Sadashiv Peth or Nal Stop. Their never ending bowl of finger licking Bhaji comes with some quintessential butter on top. The Pav too is drenched in butter, so if you don’t care about the calories, this is the place to duck into for a quick snack or a meal.
Relax, Sahakar Nagar
The quest for the perfect Pav Bhaji led me to Sahakar Nagar. Relax is a bustling place with lots of college goers thronging the eatery for cheap sustenance and their famed Spicy Pav Bhaji and thick milkshakes. Theirs is one of the spiciest Pav Bhaji one can find in Pune. Outdoor seating and take-away are recommended.
Kirti Veg, F.C.Road
It is easy to miss Kirti Veg located on main F.C. Road owing to its tiny size. Look out for it in line of British Library next to the flower shop. But their Pav Bhaji is all about excesses; excess butter, excess spice and excess portion size. That’s what is to love about it! If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, stop by for some refreshing fresh fruit juice and the “excessive” Pav Bhaji!
Image Credit: By Prateek Rungta used under Creative Commons License 

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Do add “Samrat’ restaurant at wakdewadi to this list..
it is the best pav bhaji by a long way, atleast for me 😛

There is another one.. Samartha Pav bhaji and Juice bar.. it is near alankar police chowky , karve nagar..

You should also try Rajendra pav bhaji in front of KEM hospital. It is the best pav bhaji. It is the best pav bhaji in pune according to me

Do try LaxmiNarayan on Paud Road and Mayur and Samarth near Pegasis. I am sure you will like them looking at the list. 🙂

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