15 Things That Prove Pune Is The Best City

Pune is the best and we can prove it!


1. Not (Too Cool for School)
Some of the wisest teachers live in Pune! Be it medicine, management or military, this metropolitan is ‘la maison officiel’ of education.

2. Love Thy Neighbour
Pune is a mere three hour journey away from India’s financial and film capital, Mumbai. People living in one city actually commute daily to the other for work.
3. All The World’s A Stage 
Home to the Film and Television Institue of India, National Film Archives of India and an advocate of Marathi theatre, Pune has been and continues to champion its love for performing arts.
4. The Weatherman
Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri Hills, Pune is blessed with pleasant weather for most part of the year. Denizens revel in the air of romance that the monsoons stir up!
5. The ‘IT’ City
Challenging its counterparts Bangalore and Mumbai, Pune stands as a frontrunner wearing the crown of ‘India’s Silicon Valley’.
6. ‘When Words Fail, Music Speaks’
With a music-obsessed youth, it is little wonder Pune is the birthplace of the happiest music festival – NH7. Remember also that console magician David Guetta chose Pune for his Indian debut!
7. Research!
Few other Indian cities can boast of housing some of the country’s most significant research institutes such as National Chemical Laboratory, Indian Insitute of Science Education & Research and National AIDS Research Centre.
8. Medicine Man
In medical tourism, Pune is a popular destination. Patients across the country and world flock to the city’s renowned hospitals and skilled doctors for cure.
9. Home to Start-ups
Whether in fields of design, food or eCommerce, Pune is a city for young enterpreneurs. Tomorrow’s Facebook is probably being worked on by ambitious Puneri college-goers.
10. An Epicurian Delight
To the far lands, this city is known for its sweet puranpoli and fiery misal. One does not leave the city without carrying some edible souveneirs – Shrewsberry biscuits and bhakarwadi.
11. Ganpati Bappa Morya!
No place else celebrates this festival with as much aplomb. Every year, thousands of Punekars tour mandals and take to the streets to bid goodbye to their favourite God.
12. Best Heritage Walk
The National Tourism Board declared Pune ‘the city with India’s best heritage walks’. A cultural initiative by Janwani, the Walk is an immersive experience through the city’s glorius past.
13. A Manufacturer’s Haven
Pune accounts for the single largest concentration of German companies in India. It is an automobile, engineering and manufacturing hub for companies from Canada, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.
14. Work-Life Balance
Pune is like a hill station and city all in one! People harbour a love for the outdoors and use their weekends trekking or taking road trips.
15. Many Monikers
Pune has deservedly acquired umpteen epithets – ‘Queen of the Deccan’, ‘Oxford of the East’, ‘A retirement paradise’, ‘Military hub’, ‘Student hub’ and ‘IT city’!