10 Really Cool Things Spotted at NH7

10 of the coolest things we spotted at NH7 this year!

1. Selfie Sticks Taking selfies just got a lot simpler with the selfie sticks. Lots of festival goers got along their flashy new sticks, flashed their bright smiles and went click happy at the Weekender. In addition to hands chopping in the air to the music, there were a couple of raised selfie sticks too! Whether you like them or not, festival founder Vijay Nair was quite vocal about his disapproval of selfie sticks!
2. Steel Mugs Alcohol served in steel mugs were the newest feature at the bar this year. The mug came with a hook that enabled one to latch it on to them at the waist instead of lugging it around. With ‘I was there’ inscribed on it, the mug also double shifted as a Weekender souvenir and lots of people took it with them.
3. Ferris Wheel – A giant Bacardi branded Ferris wheel was a popular addition to this year’s Weekender. Some moving trippy LED projections were visible from afar. We saw a crowd lining up for a chance to ride.
4. Drone – A small remote controlled drone camera was probably our most favourite feature! It was on the job of capturing moments of the festival from up above. It hovered over the perimeter of the grounds, sometimes coming as low as head level!
5. Trampoline – Yes, there was a trampoline at the Weekender! And there were lots of trampoline junkies jumping up and high and having a really great time!
6. Stray Dog Jam Room – This was s great feature at the Weekender where there was a space dedicated to up and coming bands who could jam. Some of the bands jamming caught the attention of festival goers who were enjoying their music. The best bit was seeing the base guitarist of the Seattle-based band Motopny join in on one of the jam sessions.
7. Bucket ‘n’ Me – Find it annoying carrying around that Bacardi bucket moving from stage to stage? Bucket n me is an innovation wherein the buckets can now be strapped on so all people had to do was sip and make hand hearts in the air.
8. Graffiti – If the graffitied Tata Nano caught the attention of many in the previous edition of NH7, this time it was the turn of Mercedez Benz. We saw artists paint over a swanky white Benz.
9. Art Installation – This is one thing we look forward to seeing at every Weekender. Huge art installations have seamlessly found their space at the festival and this time it was the gigantic lit flower installation at The Dewarist stage. What made the installation even more special is the ‘gaddas’ that were placed below each flower where festival goers were laying down and soaking in the music and experience by gazing up into the starlit sky.
10. The music experience was made even more magical with a burst of colorful confetti during the last half of Amit Trivedi’s set. The sky was even brought alive with some spectacular fireworks’ display reaffirming that the NH7 Weekender was indeed the happiest place to be!
Image Credit: Sanil Mahajan

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