Wood-fired Pizzas in Scenic Mulshi

Looking to experience a flavorful weekend? How about an outdoor wood-fired pizza party in scenic Mulshi?

Looking to experience a flavorful weekend? How about an outdoor wood-fired pizza party in scenic Mulshi? 
This was something that got me all geared up to go see what this place has to offer! I soon booked myself on the MealTango website and was eager to learn all about it.
So, I venture out and take the one and a half hour drive to a beautiful farm house in Mulshi.
As soon as we arrived, Neeta Valecha was there to welcome us along with the host of the day, Mr. Kishan. We were a group of about 10 people and were welcomed with a refreshing drink on the hot and sunny afternoon.
After interacting with each other and getting to know a little about one another, we sat down ourtside and we were served some garlic bread and dip (subtle tones and great flavor, the perfect companion to pizza), crackers, green salad and bruschetta. Next was the highlight of the afternoon; we were baking pizzas in the wood-fired oven all by ourselves! We were provided with the bases and toppings and Mr. Kishan guided us along each step of baking experience. We made both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas with a range of toppings such as cheese, onion, tomatoes, olives, corn, pepper, paneer and chicken. Making your own pizza is a fun experience and the interactive cooking experience only increased the appreciation of our meal. We even gave some of our pizzas signature names like Prafys’ Hawaian Pizza (filled with Chicken and Pineapple) and Neeta’s God Knows What Pizza! We were all behaving like little enthusiastic children who couldn’t wait to make their own pizzas which added to the fun!  We were taking turns to come up with the craziest combinations and try what it would be like!
After this we ended our meal with homemade cake and ice cream which seemed perfect in the hot weather!
Several food lovers would agree that there is nothing like a home-cooked meal. It’s this thought that lead husband-wife duo Saket Khanna and Neeta Valecha to start a unique food enterprise through MealTango. MealTango creates a marketplace where guests can find locals who would be happy to play host and provide one with a great meal. Through this concept one can get a chance to closely experience the culture of their destination; Expats get a greater sense of connectivity and diet-conscious individuals get new dining options.
To try the home-cooking experience, simply log on to their website, check the profile of the host family and pick one according to the cuisine of your choice.
The house was filled with laughter till the end. And Mr Kishan was a great host.  With authentic food on one hand and a number of stories to hear along with a peaceful and serene view it was a fantastic experience with MealTango!