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Weekend Planner Guide: October 16

The Punekar’s handy weekend planner guide is back. Here’s the list of events taking place in the city that can transform your weekend. Go ahead, read and take your pick to enjoy a fun-filled weekend…

The weekend is here again and the it is the time to unwind, enjoy, have a blast and spend some quality time with close ones…
[divider ]October 17, Friday[/divider]

Whiptongue + Janux

Whiptongue+JanuxWhiptongue is Charles Cardoso. He became involved with electronic music in 1999. Charles was a part of a group that developed psychedelic trance in Minas Gerais and Brazil. He started as a DJ in 2000, at the Festival Samsara, where he began to acquire knowledge of psytrance. His first project ”Charivari” came out in 2002. The Whiptongue project (Looney Moon Records), brings new influences and sources to psytrance, with grooves to bomb any dance floor.
DJ Janux the name comes from ‘Janus’ a mythical Roman god who has two faces one dark, one light – one looking into the past, one looking into the future. Janux plays strong twilight music, and powerful morning sounds. A DJ who plays the correct style at the right time and place. His roots in music started in the mid 80s in Goa where he was a kid growing up in the early roots of the trance scene.
Where: Blue Frog
Time: 10:00 pm (Entry: 08:30 pm onwards)
Fee: Rs. 1000
[divider ]October 18, Saturday[/divider]


UmraoCast & Crew: Neetu Chandra, Shubhrajyoti Barat, Piloo Vidyarthi, Shabnam Wadehra, Aman Uppal, Trisha Kale, Sukhada, Manisha Dev, Monica Gupta, Mayur More, Nishchal Chandra, Niranjan Iyengar.
Umrao adapted from Mirza Hadi Ruswa’s novella Umrao Jaan. She does not know how to yield a sword,she does not know how to wage a war yet she has a spirit that yearns to do something, anything, and so what does she do? She leaves the Kotha, she lets go of the safety chains and steps out as an independent young woman seeking her own destiny and individual identity. As we look at Umrao of hundred years ago, we discover a very independent, brave young woman of today. This is her story.
Directed by: Hidayat Sami
Language: Hindi
Where: Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir
Time: 05:00 pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Ticket Price: Rs. 300
Entry: For 18 yrs and above only

Love Hate Love [1.5]

Sure Thing-PlayOrange Reason brings you two adorable and hilarious one act plays in their series of Love Hate Love:
The Bear:
The absurdity in the fickle nature of human being would never stop creating the most hilarious situations. Something similar happens when the boorish Gregory Smirnov, who after repeated bitter experiences in love has sworn not to love ever, meets Elena Popova, who has vowed to be true to her dead husband’s memories forever. Sparks are bound to fly, pistols are bound to be drawn (literally), but how would it end?
Sure Thing:
A short play about a chance meeting between a man and a woman in a restaurant. The play shows how they pave through the minefield of conflicting interests, perceptions, likes, dislikes, political affiliations, nationality, and origins with the help of a bell that allows them to start over the conversation each time the romance crashes and burns.
Directed by: Sumedh Sarojini
Where: Nehru Memorial Hall
Time: 09:30 pm
Price: Entry Pass for 01 (Rs. 250) & Entry Pass for 02 (Rs. 200)
[divider ]October 19, Sunday[/divider]

The Write Choice Workshop

The Writing Choice WorkshopLet your child discover the wondrous world of writing in this two-day workshop that delves into the basics of writing and the importance of self-expression through Journal Writing. The workshop will include activities and games that will hone their writing skills as well as build their confidence.
Where: House of Art, 9, Stavely Road, Camp
Dates: October 19 & 20
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
For details, contact: Trupti (9823823705)

Bliss Art Gallery presents “PATH TO BLISS” by Ayushi Jain

Bliss Art Gallery presents _PATH TO BLISS_ by Ayushi JainA solo show that will exhibit murals and canvas paintings by artist Ayushi Jain.
Dates: Oct 12 to Oct 21
Where: Bliss Art Gallery,Koregaon Park
Time: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm