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A Hope for Silver Lining: Week 2 in the Life of a Non-Punekar

Lady Singham has summarised her second week in Pune city. See what she has to say!

Punekars do not take criticism well, I guess. Having gone through all your feedback on my first article, I must say, Punekars are very sensitive towards their city. While some people agreed with me, some gave me an assurance that I will start liking this city, whereas many of you were quite exasperated.
Well, my second week started off hoping that this city isn’t all that bad. While on the road in a mood to discover more of it, our bike got low on petrol. Now, not knowing where exactly the next petrol pump would be, my partner started dragging the bike. To our rescue came this aged autowalla, who made me sit in his auto and pushed the bike with his leg to take us to closest the petrol pump. In return, he didn’t ask for money and only after our insisting, did he take some money. In awe of his humility, I forgot to take a picture of him or his auto, so that I could let me people know about him.
Starting the week on such positivity was truly welcoming. But, let me give you an account of the weekend. In the mood of going out and letting our hair loose, we searched for options near our area of residence (Kothrud) only to realise every good option is in Koregaon Park and an adjacent locality. Why? Don’t people have the need to go out at this end of the city? Why is every good dining, hang out, lounge etc. only on the other side of the city? Too much concentration at one end! To make it worse, no good mall options in this area. Why God why??
Yes, I’m comparing it to my days in Mumbai, where every area had loads of options to choose from and was never too far away from a good place.
While I’m comparing it to Mumbai, I shall also compare the traffic. Not the usual ‘traffic’ thing as Mumbai has more of it than Pune, but the traffic sense. People honk before the signal turns green. They’ll run across the road when the light’s green showing you a hand to stop. (This has happened way too many times in two weeks!) They’ll glide close to you, even when the road is wide open. And the worst, they will cross the signal even if it’s red! Accident prone city, huh?
Comparing may not be the best option to go about while writing about a city, but then without comparison how will one know what the city lacks?
All in all the second week brought a ray of hope. Five strikes in total and one home run, this is turning out to be an exciting ride. Hopefully, the next week brings more home runs than strikes.
Till then, adios!

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yes, traffic sense here is pretty horrible.
I guess when it comes to places, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Since you mentioned KP, im guessing you mean good restaurants. Try Karishma Chowk, thats quite near Kothrud and has nice places. You can check out FC Road also, if you havent as of now. Its especially nice during Diwali.

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