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13 Restaurants that are Ruling Pune's Nightlife

These 13 restaurants (old and new) are ruling the city’s nightlife!

Pune’s nightlife has seen a drastic change in the last decade. Gone are the days when the city used to pull down its shutters at 11:00pm. Nightlife in Pune has undergone a makeover, especially in the last couple of years. But, there are some places, old and new, that still [and will for a long time] rule the dining scene in the city. Read and tell us whether your favourite place made the list!
Fancy a relaxed evening with family and friends? Prems on North Main Road, Koregaon Park is a favourite of many. The restaurant has people coming down from all parts of Pune (sometimes even Bombay!) to try out the multi-cuisine specialities available. If you’re looking at a quiet, relaxed night out where you don’t have to raise your voice to get the bartender’s attention, Prems is definitely worth a try. Also works for those looking out for a quiet dinner and drinks before they hit the clubs later at night.
Jimmy Hu
Think oriental finger food, think Jimmy Hu. This one-year-old restaurant has established itself in the market as one of the best bars in town- customers swear by the cocktail jars! Weekends see the place jam-packed after 8:00 pm. If you’re looking at a fun night out over dinner and drinks with friends in a casual yet classy environment, Jimmy Hu won’t disappoint. It is located in Lane 7, Koregaon Park in the Sanskriti Complex.
Shisha Café
There was a time when Shisha Cafe was known only for the jazz nights every Thursday. Even that has now undergone a drastic makeover- Thursdays are packed with people enjoying live music along with some chilled beer and mouth watering kebabs. Shisha Cafe is your go-to place if you wish to laze around for hours with a bunch of friends, and enjoy some good food while you’re at it. It is located in ABC Farms, Koregaon Park.
Beer lovers swear by the Apple Cider at Doolally. Located on a beautiful hill side in Corinthian Club, Undri, Doolallys is a brewery that is best known for its Apple Cider. The brewery has an outer seating area where you can enjoy the breeze while catching up with friends over beers and food. There is also an inner seating arrangement for those who like to enjoy loud music. Doolallys also has a dance floor as well. If you wish to start your evening a little early, head over to the brewery. You’ll want to hit the dance floor a couple of beers later.
High Spirits
Young, electric and buzzing with energy, High Spirits Cafe is one of the most popular pubs in town. Known for affordable drinks and food, High Spirits is second home to many youngsters in the city. The pub is known to promote young talent in music, and is seen crowded on most days. Cookout on Sunday mornings is a huge rage too! If you enjoy discovering new genres of music while socialising with large groups of people, head home to Da High! High Spirits Cafe is located right before ABC Farms, Koregaon Park.
1000 Oaks
A great place to hang out with both friends and family, Thousand Oaks is a restaurant/bar located in Camp, Pune. The music and barman’s pitchers are a rage on all days, and the inside bar is seen buzzing till midnight. Even the outer seating area is occupied by families and friends- we suggest you make a reservation before coming in! What makes this place tick is the fact that dinner and drinks are both available under the same roof. If you wish to spend a stress free evening lounging in your corner with some mouth watering food and drinks, head over!
11 East Street Café
Modelled after Oxford Street in London, this restaurant is buzzing with young energy on most evenings. The quirky decor and red double-decker bus is bound to catch your eye. A good collection of drinks at the bar ensures a young and enthusiastic loyal customer base. Gig nights see the place packed with youngsters. Looking out for a casual evening with friends? Head over to 11 East Street Café in Camp.
Toons is a haven for college kids who enjoy their sports and beer. This place is buzzing with a young vibe at any given point of the day. Loud music and inexpensive booze and food make this place a favourite. Occasionally, you’ll also find a group of youngsters head banging to their favourite songs. If you’re planning to start your weekend early, head over to Toons for a pre-drinking session with your buddies in the afternoon. It is located on MG Road, Camp.
A rooftop bar known for its cocktails and quirky deco, Wtf  is a favourite of many. Located in Phoenix MarketCity in Vimannagar, and Seasons Mall, Hadapsar, Wtf is found crowded in the evenings (especially on weekends). It also has a small clearing that works as a dance floor later in the night. The place shuts at around mid-night after which you can move on to other clubs for a little bit of late night dancing. Wtf usually has a young crowd enjoying loud music over drinks and finger food- a good option for those who want to wrap it up early.
Hidden Place
The offers available have Hidden Place crowded at all times, even on weekdays. The crowd consists of youngsters who are looking at a casual place to unwind over some drinks, good food and of course, loud music. The pub has 2 branches- one in Koregaon Park and the other on Dhole Patil Road. This is one of the pubs in the city that also offers good options for a meal along with some finger food. The perfect place for those looking out to de-stress over a few beers after work.
Hard Rock Café
The majority of the crowd consists of expats. With gigs and Ladies Nights being introduced, Hard Rock Café is slowly gaining popularity as the one of the top destinations for all things rock. A little on the expensive side, this pub also has a delicious variety of finger food and meals to offer. The dance floor gets crowded later in the night. Hard Rock Café is a good option for all those looking out for a casual get-together with large groups. It is located in Mundhwa/Koregaon Park Annex.
Located in Aundh, this pub is practically ruling that side of Pune. Walk in at anytime in the evening, and you won’t be surprised to see it crowded. The majority of the crowd is made up of college kids and young working professionals. This is probably due to the fact that the booze available is extremely affordable. If getting your hands on a lot of booze and some great tunes is your main aim for the evening, head over to Hoppipolla for a fun evening.
Malaka Spice
Want to enjoy a relaxing dinner in a calm, peaceful environment? Malaka Spice won’t disappoint. It offers oriental food that is famous all over the city. This is a great place for family dinners, informal dinner meetings, girls night outs or even a romantic date night. Malaka Spice is located in Lane 5, Koregaon Park.
Happy partying, Punekars!

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