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Review: Brooklyn Shuffle Diner

Tucked away deep inside Koregaon Park, Brooklyn Shuffle Diner aims to recreate the magic of the classic American diner in the heart of Pune. It succeeds, but not 100%.

A city that is witnessing a sort of a food revolution is bound to respond to a new place with enthusiasm. Especially one that promises a classic experience from a country we always want to emulate. The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner (BSD), unfortunately, doesn’t quite measure up entirely.
If there’s one thing that BSD did get right, it’s the ambience. It’s comfortable and they haven’t overdone the ‘small touches’. What really helps when you visit with family and especially young kids, is the space available for them to run about. Most restaurants are rather stingy with this, but not BSD.
With two levels to the place, there’s enough seating for small and large groups and while the overall look they were going for seems to be ‘Americana’, it feels more like ‘exclusive Americana’. That’s not necessarily a negative, but just a slightly confusing aspect.
Service & Staff
Perhaps the most courteous and helpful staff we’ve encountered anywhere. And that’s not overstating the facts. Always around, attentive, yet not in the way. You just need to turn around and your server will be with you pronto! They are also good with their suggestions, and will take heed of your tastes and preferences when making recommendations.
At least twice we were asked if everything was ok and it would be rude for us to tell them at that point if something wasn’t! So thank God it was!
The Food
Nothing else matters for a restaurant as much as the food quality. The menu offers pretty good variety and there’s something for everyone. That they also serve liquor is an added advantage! If anything, we’d crib about the lack of choices for kids, given they do encourage families to visit.
Our order comprised the Chicken Wings and Fries for starters. Both very good. The wings were nice and sticky and had the right mix of sweet and spice to make them just perfect. Unfortunately, our burgers – a Classic Moroccan Chicken Burger and the Juicy Lucy – didn’t match up to expectations.
Nicely cooked, but both lacked seasoning and taste. Yes, this may be the authentic taste, but when serving an Indian palate, it may help to spice things up a bit. Each burger was accompanied by fries and a small salad (which was pretty good and fresh) and as a meal, was definitely filling.
Our meal that included two beers and a couple of non-alcoholic drinks cost us about Rs 2,800. That’s pretty steep. Is it worth it given the service and ambience? Not quite. But then, it’s definitely not intended to attract the McDonald’s audience! It is a premium diner.