In Conversation with Prateek Bhaduri

Here’s a candid one-on-one with Prateek Bhaduri where he tells us about his journey from being a confused teen to the present day singing sensation.

I remember attending a small gig that my friends were playing in the clubhouse of Clover Village; this was way back in 2006. The highlight of the evening was a scrawny young boy getting the crowd head-banging to his tunes. This young lad has grown up to be the star that is Prateek Bhaduri. He, along with his band-mates, has performed all over the country, opened for International bands, had his song featured in the Top 30 Indie-songs in the country, and a lot more. 8 long years, and so much seems to have changed. Find out how in this candid one-to-one with the young rock star!
So how did it all start?
I was in the 8th grade, confused about what to do. My seniors had a rock band in college and I was in my Eminem and Tupac phase. At one moment I’d be singing in the choir, and then you’d find me bunking classes to attend gigs and rock shows that my seniors played in. I was confused, but definitely inspired. I played with my first band in 2007. There’s been no looking back since then.
What did your family and friends feel about your choice?
Honestly, they all thought it was just a phase that I’d get over it. But my parents soon figured out that I was serious about this… I remember how they initially didn’t approve of me bunking classes to perform at the Campus Rock Idol, but they soon saw the passion. I’ve always had their support.
How has the journey been this far?
This is just the beginning. When I started, my choice of music was considered a taboo. I still remember the haters. “You can’t do it”- this has been my driving force.  When they said I couldn’t do it, I wanted to prove them wrong. I’ve never been trained in this field; I initially tried learning from a few people but it wasn’t fruitful. My genre of music wasn’t considered something that could create an impact… it gives you a hard time to realise you’re out there all alone in the world. No one’s there to help you, no one but your family. I don’t want to blame anyone else for my decisions. It gives me confidence at the end of the day, you know.
165290_10200868845864010_140908399_nSo tell us a little about yourself NOW, 8 years after your first gig…
I am passionate about music, I write songs, sing, perform, the works. I am passionate about football, I play. I want to contribute to Indian Football in whatever little way possible. I donated my studs to a boy who couldn’t afford them.. I also play football with street kids once in a while.
I would love to help make this society a better place to live in- I mean it’s easy to start a movement online, but how many of us will actually step out and DO something? I want to make a difference. Let’s start small, but let’s do something.
I also have my own company that deals in events, but I’m taking that a little slow now. And oh yes, I’m a total foodie as well as a little obsessed about fitness.
What’s the best part about performing?
I guess that’s the way I express myself. More than singing it’s the performance. I don’t want to go up there and sing and get done with it; nope. I want the crowd to engage with me, I want them to connect with me. I want everyone to be on the same page, you know. It’s all about showmanship… I’ve got a long way to go. I’ll get there.
What next?
I want to be known as an established Indie-singer. And yes, Bollywood!
Here’s wishing the young man lots of good luck and success. Go on ahead, do your thing and make us proud!