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Book Review: Pride of Pune

Book Reviewed: Pride of Pune by Mehul Darooka. Read it here!

Author: Mehul Darooka
Pravin Joshi of Story Board Activities is a musician, composer, scriptwriter and lyric writer. A Punekar by birth, Pravin gave a pass to education and a role in the family’s construction business for a career in the music industry. He bagged his first professional assignment in Std. 10. Defining success as working according to one’s own terms and conditions and that, which makes one happy, Pravin says that being true to what he did, believing in himself and the quality of his work brought him success. He advises budding entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take criticism with a pinch of salt.
Profiling Ramesh Kondre of Kalyan Bhel is actually undertaking a true story of rags to riches. Working as a coolie at the railway platform, Ramesh and his family started selling vegetables to make meets end. Since that income was not enough, his mother started selling bhel, which has now become one of Pune’s tastiest bhel joints. He says that real good quality food along with great customer service has led them to achieve success. Quality is crucial if one plans to make it big in the food industry. Ramesh advises the next entrepreneurial generation to be fearless, risk-taking and confident in their ventures.
Sugar Dough is Praveen Rao’s bakery and restaurant venture in Pune. But this is not his first one! Having worked and studied in both the US and England, Praveen had always dreamt of having his own café. He owned several small outlets in Pune before he named them Sugar Dough. Drawing inspiration from Jeffrey Archer’s book Kane and Abel, he remained positive through all his ventures. Being perseverant and not giving up hope is Rao’s advice to anybody who wants to start a business.
Mehul Darooka’s book Pride of Pune profiles 10 more entrepreneurs (whose businesses range from construction to bakeries and gift ideas) who talk about their journeys, their inspirations and what made them who they are today. Mehul asks questions pertinent to their businesses and what made them so successful in today’s electronic age. Pride of Pune is actually a breeze of a read with elements of fun and insight. It feels more like a conversation you would hear or read on a rainy day. It also adds personal touches to the men we see as business giants instead of just profiling them as business people. Grab a copy!