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10 Lip-Smacking Local Non-Veg Dishes in Pune

Here’s a list of 10 lip-smacking non-veg dishes and where you can find them in the city!

Ganpati celebrations kept most of us off non-veg food for 10 days (or less in some cases). The minute we bid Bappa farewell, we decided to go on a hunt for some of the best local non-veg dishes in the city and boy, the gems we came up with! Whether you crave for Gawti mutton, spicy Biryanis or delectable sea food, we got them covered in our list of 10 local dishes that you’ll never get enough of.
Oasis, Camp
The Chicken Handi: Ask for extra spicy if you like it that way and they won’t disappoint! Sometimes, a little extra gravy goes a long way too. The dish goes well with roomali roti as well as naan. If you prefer a healthier option, the whole wheat roti works well with it. Finish off with some curry and long-grained rice. Keep a bottle of water handy!
Spice-O-Metre: 8/10
Masemari, The Fishing, Off Tilak Road
The Spicy Crab Tava Fry: Reminiscent of childhood memories, the crab is chock full of traditional Indian flavours and yet not as oily as you would expect a semi-dry Tava Fry to be. The crab itself is soft and juicy. Ask for a boneless option if you prefer it that way. We love it with soft Tandool Bhakri (rice bhakri) as well as Jawari Bhakri. It ranks pretty high on our Spice-O-Meter, given the burst of flavour and the punch of spice!
Spice-O-Metre: 7.5/10
Borawke’s, Ku-Kooch-Ku, Deccan Gymkhaana
Tandoori Chicken and Tangdi Kebab: The kind of place that looks down on anything without meat that tries to pass off as food, Borawke’s only vegetarian dish is the vegetarian biryani. But their red, hot smoking Tandoori Chicken and Tangdi Kebab are the undisputed kings of our Spice-O-Meter. Succulent and juicy, these dishes are really hot and not for the faint hearted!  The first few mouthfuls will have you spitting fire, unless you have ordered for a cold-drink in advance. You have been warned!
Spice-O-Metre: 9.5/10
SP’s Biryani House, Sadashiv Peth
Famed for tender meat that falls off the bone, and generous quantities of food, SP’s Biryani House, rules the roost when it comes to Mutton Biryani. This well-seasoned and layered biryani is aromatic and easy on the pocket too.  Ask for extra spicy if you prefer it that way or order for the Sajuk Mutton Dum Biryani if you prefer less spicy. Order in if you don’t like to wait and jostle for space.
Spice-O-Metre: 8/10
Tiranga, Paud Road
Speaking of Chicken Biryanis, the options are endless in Pune. The reason we chose Tiranga over others is the complimentary red curry they serve along with their Biryanis. It’s extra spicy and doesn’t come with the usual layer of oil on the top. It is just a tasty, thick and spicy curry. Goes very well their Chicken Biryani, which will take you pleasantly aback with its complexity of flavours.
Spice-O-Metre: 8/10
MH 09, Baner Road
Try their delicious Mutton Misal Pav that will have you licking the hot red curry dribbling down your fingers. They use Kolhapuri Masala for this one so be prepared for a spicy onslaught. The Misal has succulent pieces of mutton and the curry is perfect for dipping with a pav. Wash it down with their yummy unlimited Pandhra Rassa, unarguably, one of the best in the city!
Spice-O-Metre: 9/10
Radio Hotel, M.G. Road
When it comes to beef, few restaurants get it right consistently. Radio Hotel is one of those. If you love beef, you simply can’t miss this place. Their Beef Kheema roti is the best ever! The beef itself is so flavorsome that it doesn’t need curry to go with it. Another must-have is their beef chilly, rich with thick gravy, it goes well with their famed rotis or parathas.
Spice-O-Metre: 7.5/10
Nisarg, Karve Road
At Nisarg, you can choose your crab and eat it too. Same goes with whole fish dishes. We found this gratifying. It ensured our sea food was fresh. We ordered for a Butter Crab and Pomfret Tandoor. The former was cooked to perfection with just a hint of butter. The Tandoori Pomfret was spicier and one of the biggest we ever saw.  May pinch your pocket but it’s worth every penny.
Spice-O-Metre: 7.5/10
Durga Non-Veg, Sadashiv Peth
One of the oldest non-veg eateries in Pune, Durga is your anti-gourmet fix. The Chicken and Mutton Thali here have traditional Maharashtrian spices (Laal Tikhat), served with red curry, rice, egg curry and a choice of Bhakri or Chapati. The red curry used in all the preparations is more or less the same, but what a spicy kick! Be prepared to wash it down with some cooling sol kadhi.
Spice-O-Metre: 7/10
Wah Marathi, Magarpatta
If you are feeling indulgent, head over to Wah Marathi for their authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. With freshly prepared masalas on display, they take their food seriously and it reflects in the Chicken Saoji Curry and Chicken Gavran Rassa. Soft and fluffy chapattis will remind you of home. For some reason they have held back on spices so none of the dishes is very spicy.
Spice-O-Metre: 7/10
Image Credits: Alpha | Used Under CC License

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