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While writing this piece, I went about reading up on Sizzlers and their history and came up with zilch. Try it. No one seems to know the dish’s origin. Some say Japan and some Mumbai even!

While writing this piece, I went about reading up on Sizzlers and their history and came up with zilch. Try it. No one seems to know the dish’s origin. Some say Japan and some Mumbai even! The common notion seems to be that the word originated from a famous American restaurant chain known as Sizzler. After spending some time on my ‘research’ (read doodling), I decided to scrap all of that and come right to the point.
Most of us LOVE the dish and we do so without really knowing where it comes from. And and and, we have the most unusual Sizzler festival right in this city for a whole month! Why unusual you ask? Well, you can glutton out on 11 different Sizzlers inspired from cuisines of 11 different countries. Under. One. Roof. Take your pick (or more) from these scrumptious options and head to 11 East Street Café for an unforgettable, sizzling meal! And, did I mention, there’s a 12th Sizzler especially prepared for your sweet tooth! You’re going to love this.
Rvsd_Priyanka Kandhari SachdevBeing a multi-cuisine restaurant, we wanted to do something different instead of going down the ‘regular sizzler route’. We’ve done a lot of research on these dishes and interacted with various chefs for some of the international recipes. The Sizzler festival has been a huge hit among our customers for the third year in a row! And, you know which one’s been a favourite? The one from India! I personally love the one from Indonesia.Priyanka Sachdev – Director & Creative Chef 
The Sizzlers:
From China
The Kung Pao Sizzler is served with chicken/fish/lamb/paneer and fried rice/noodles, seasoned with black bean sauce, chilli pepper and Szechuan sauce. It is accompanied with
From India
This delicious sizzler is served with succulent Haryali chicken kebab accompanied with Butter Chicken rice and a spicy Tandoori Salad. Vegetarians can Paneer Tikkas accompanied with Makhani gravyflavoured rice and the salad.
From Burma
A traditional Burmese Khow Suey (noodle dish prepared with curried chicken and coconut milk) sizzler that’s accompanied with lemon wedges, burnt garlic, fried onion, chopped spring onion and chilli flakes.
From Mexico
What else! A Fajita sizzler on the menu… This one’s prepared with tender, juicy grilled chicken/lamb/veggies served with Mexican salsa, guacamole, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce along with flour tortillas.
From Ethiopia
An exotic Doro Wat (chicken stewed in red pepper paste) sizzler served with authentic cous cous and crispy fried plantains.
From South Africa
One of the spiciest sizzlers on the menu, the Chicken Chakalaka (a spicy curry combination of onions, bell peppers, baked beans, chilli, garlic and curry powder) is accompanied with steamed rice, a dry fruit chutney along with a green bean salad.
From Indonesia
A yummy Nasi Goreng (traditional Indonesian fried rice cooked with chicken/prawns, tamarind, chilli, garlic, soy sauce and topped with a fried egg) sizzler that’s accompanied with fried anchovies and crushed peanuts. Heaven!
From Spain
You cannot go wrong with a sizzler that consists of a delicious Spanish omelette accompanied with mouthwatering seafood Paella!
From Thailand
This one’s a fiery Peri Peri (Fish/Chicken/Prawns/Paneer) accompanies with Thai fried rice and a chilled papaya salad.
From England
A traditional English ‘Bubble & Squeak’ (pan-fried combo of potatoes, cabbage, carrots and peas) sizzler that is accompanied with buttered rice, onion gravy and steamed veggies.
From Japan
This one calls for crispy Chicken Teriyaki served on a bed of steamed rice accompanied with traditional pickled vegetables.
For your Sweet Tooth (Dessert)
A double-decker (DOUBLED) sizzler, it contains a four-tier chocolate cake layered with Chocolate Ganache, Oreo, Cookie Fudge and Peanut Butter Jelly topped with Chocolate Chips and accompanied by sizzling ice cream.
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Feature Image: thatwelike used under CC License 
Priyanka Sachdev: Apeksha Maker