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Unleashing Creativity with Madan Birla

Creativity and innovation are the keys to both organisational growth and successful careers. People understand this, but they do not know how to unleash their natural creative potential. Drawing upon his 22 years of first-hand experience in helping FedEx grow into a global icon and the last 10 years consulting around the world, Madan Birla provides proven and practical answers.
Unleashing ?Creativity and InnovationIn his book, ‘Unleashing Creativity and Innovation: Nine Lessons from Nature for Enterprise Growth and Career Success’, Madan Birla demonstrates that everything professionals need to know about unlocking creativity and innovation can be learned from lessons in nature.  As a corporate consultant, speaker and author, Birla urges business, community and sports leaders to use lessons from nature to enhance creativity and innovation — the components of any successful enterprise.
I had a chance to interact with Mr. Birla when he launched his book in Pune during an event hosted at MCCIA with BDB.
Over the past 20 years, Madan Birla has presented keynotes and workshops around the world on topics of professional development, enterprise innovation and growth and creating a culture of innovation. “During my 22 years at FedEx, I saw firsthand the generation and implementation of creative ideas at all levels of the organis ation. Since then, I’ve been speaking about Leading for Innovation and Growth to executives all over the world. One question I’m always asked is, ‘How can one sustain enterprise growth in today’s highly competitive global economy?’ Based on my experience with helping FedEx become a global icon and in my consulting work with companies, the answer continues to be, ‘You must tap into your team’s creativity. And through these conversations came the title of the book; Unleashing Creativity and Innovation” he says.
“It took me about two years to write the book. It is a How-to Book, which will help you to learn how to build a reputation as a creative thinker and become your organization’s go-to person for innovative business solutions. You will also learn four steps for maximising your creative potential, as well as nine lessons from nature that will help you to generate, develop and gain acceptance of your ideas. I have taken interviews of about 20 people that are from different verticals like medicine, manufacturing, architecture etc.
Writing this book was much tougher than my previous one. As it is the age of Twitter, my publisher had told me that my readers would not have time to read. Hence the new book will have to be both small in size. I had to make sure that while being concise, the message that I am trying to convey to my readers should be understood.”
As a business visionary and experienced engineer, Madan Birla inspires us with stories of breakthrough innovations and provides a step-by-step guide on how we can make a creative difference in our careers and companies.