The Choice I Made

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” How many of us here have taken the path less travelled? Someone very wisely once said- “Never measure your success in terms of money. Measure it by the amount of happiness you feel at the end of the day.” Yes, success and happiness can go hand in hand if you want them to. The choice is yours. The Punekar met up with 5 young and ambitious Puneri women who chose to take up a career path that leaves them feeling blissfully content at the end of the day.
Fat Cat's CafeHave you ever stopped to think about what you really want to do, something that will make you happy, and not something that concerns only money? Melanie Andrade, owner of Fat Cat’s Café tells us, “I always wanted to have a café, and I just never thought I would have the guts to do it. And it does take guts, determination, hard work, and of course a thick skin. I am thankful for having the guts to go ahead and start my dream cafe and the ability to do what I love to do the most – feed people”
Natasha 4Careers are the biggest creators of fear because they provide us with security in terms of money. When city-based fashion blogger Natasha Singh decided to step into the world of fashion after having completed her engineering, she had the full support of her loved ones. “My family has always been supportive and proud of my work. Creativity was always nourished in my family. Believe in yourself, because till the time you don’t, no one else will” she quips on being asked what worked for her. Her confidence level has taken her places, as she’s now a renowned fashion blogger internationally.
AleenaVenturing out on your own comes along with its set of fears and insecurities. What if the plan fails and you’re left all alone? No one wants to fail. But the fear of failure is what stops us from getting out of our comfort zone. A science student, Aleena Mackar took up a hairstyling course immediately after school. “Yes, it has been difficult. It took me a lot of time to gain the trust of the customers; no one wants to leaves the fate of their hair in the hands of a 17-year-old! It’s been 8 years, and I have grown professionally as well as personally. Patience and hard work always pays off.”
AshwiniIt takes a lot of courage to wander off the beaten path. Believe in yourself, and you’ll definitely achieve success. “Being a creative person by nature, I’ve always been drawn to atypical, yet useful products from artists across the world. So when the time came for me to explore a career option (after a break of almost 10 years), nothing appealed to me more than starting a store where I could take this love for the unusual to the next level” says Ashwini Kanetkar, owner of The Little Quirk Shop. “What inspired me is the need I felt for access to products like these. I wanted to start a store where people could be amused! It is these relationships (most of which have translated into strong friendships over the last year) that have helped the business get established.”
Aayushi JagadMake choices based on your own values, not other peoples. Aayushi Jagad, Concept Designer and Stylist at Rollin’ Stache Studios faced a little trouble before starting off on her own.  “I was still in school when I decided I wanted to work in both fashion and film, and quite naturally so, didn’t sit well with my parents. The one thing that catapulted my efforts throughout the years of my work was my absolute love for it. I was obsessed with clothes and why people wore what they wore. A few years and a lot of arguments later, my parents finally conceded. What I’d suggest for anyone who wants to pick a unique field is this simple piece of advice; trust yourself, never back down and keep at it.”