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Movie Review: Poshter Boyz

Poshter Boyz is a great combination of being a good entertainer with a message along with good humour.

You never think of a casual photograph creating such hilarious chaos. It’s rather unheard of… it never happens to you. Yet you believe that it can happen to someone. While watching Poshter Boyz, it is that feeling. Producer Shreyas Talpade should be applauded for supporting a subject like this and so should director Sameer Patil for picking it for his directorial debut. Set in a rural background, the film addresses a sensitive topic and is refreshing and entertaining with a masala touch.
Vadner is the village where the story unravels. Anna (Dilip Prabhavalkar) is busy with  his daughter’s engagement. Sadanand Kulkarni (Hrishikesh Kulkarni) is busy teaching in the village school, while Arjun Jagtap (Aniket Vishwasrao) is busy fixing his marriage to Kalpana (Puja Sawant). But doom befalls on the three of them. Abba’s daughter’s engagement is broken. Sadanand’s wife tells him to meet in court for divorce proceedings. Kalpana’s father refuses to accept Arjun and says he would prefer to drown his daughter than let her marry Arjun. The trio find out that their photos clicked during the fair has been falsely used on the posters for needleless vasectomy surgery. They become the focus of ridicule. Not the ones to take things lying down, they decide to fight against the state government and get their reputation back.
Director Sameer Patil has written the story and screenplay of Poster Boyz. One can credit him for writing a story which keeps to reality and has all the ingredients of a entertainer. Somewhere in the second half, it does stretches a little bit and the end is a bit tame & slightly silly. The overall impact is more positive than negative. You have a rocking time trying to know what happens next. Patil’s dialogues are a winner here as you laugh and also think at times. There is nothing obscene despite the nature of the story. It helps that the technical support is to their movie’s liking. Right from Leslie Lewis’s music to the cinematography, it creates the right atmosphere. The applause should be given to the art direction and location selection.
Finally, it is up to the right selection of actors to take any film to great heights. Here, the actors make the film worth a watch. Prabhavalkar’s Anna is funny in his poker-straight face, while you love Aniket’s Arjun who is a street-smart, over-confident youngster. While the rest of the actors support the main leads well, two actors – Hrishikesh Joshi and Neha Joshi – as the husband and wife who steal the show. They even get the best dialogues.
Few movies are able to walk on the thin line of conveying a message and entertaining you equally. Poshter Boyz does exactly that. No more talks.. Just have fun!
Director: Sameer Patil
Cast: Dilip Prabhavalkar, Hrishikesh Joshi, Aniket Vishwasrao, Neha Joshi, Pooja Sawant, Uday Sabnis, Uma Sardesai, Piyush Ranade, Anshuman Vichare, Bharat Ganeshpure, Ashwini Kalsekar, Murli Sharma, Shreyas Talpade
Music: Leslie Lewis