Men are from Bars

Sorabh Pant is married.  Atul Khatri is married with kids. Kunal Rao is unmarried and looking to never have kids.” That was all that the event description said, but was enough to get everyone hooked. August 20, 2014 saw Sorabh Pant, Atul Khatri and Kunal Rao from the East India Comedy put up a ‘high’larious show titled “Men are from Bars” at The High Spirits Café, Pune.
East India Comedy is your one-stop shop for everything comedy; be it writing, performing or even conducting workshops! Headed by Sorabh Pant, this troupe has successfully performed all over the country, and pledge to continue doing so.
Sarcasm, quick wit, blunt responses and lovely comic timing – the comedy night had all the ingredients of a hit show. The audience was warned of the dirty jokes that would be a part of the show, but it didn’t look like anybody would mind. The show kicked off with Atul Khatri taking up the stage to tell us his perspective on life with two kids after 21 years of being married. Witty and hilarious, he went on to blatantly share facts on life as a 46yr old man. The part where he decided to share his porn preferences (he’d like his porn to be real, where the couple walks in, makes sure the house and kids are fine, eat their medicines, and fight before sleeping off) had the audience literally howling with laughter.
Kunal Rao gave the audience a witty and comic insight on life as a single man who’d just broken up. The smoke in the hand, the beer bottle, the overgrown beard, and the occasional bursts of rage had the audience instantly sympathizing with him. Life as a young, heart-broken man whose mother’s full time job is to get him married to a good South Indian girl can be quite depressing. His take on relationship issues like taking a break, giving space, being a nice guy, etc. were hilariously accurate.
The energy on the stage immediately changed the minute Sorabh Pant walked onto it. The enthusiasm, the tone of voice, the wit and of course the humor; if there’s one word to describe him, I’d say he was a “hyper-bunny” The energy was contagious, and how! His love for Maharashtrian and Bengali women, his man-crush on MS Dhoni and Hrithik Roshan and his experiences as a married man had us all in splits.
From matrimonial ads and sex positions to gay rights and porn, the idea was to share with the audience the perspectives from different points in a relationship. It was an easy show to enjoy; even on a cold, rainy day, with the content and style making up for the few low moments. Some upbeat good fun, with histrionics that are pretty hard to resist. Do catch them the next time they’re in town!
Image Credit: East India Comedy on Facebook