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Her Path, Her Passion

Saraswati’s Way is a play based on a smart child’s path towards finding his fate through Mathematics. Actress Veera Saxena talks about it and her passion for acting.

Veera Saxena is slowly working towards carving her name onto the acting scene. Daughter of well-known actor Sharat Saxena, she is getting into acting, but on her own terms. Seen in plays like Uney Purey Shahar Ek, an acclaimed one about the social canvas of Pune by Mohit Takalkar, she was recently seen in a fascinating play. Saraswati’s Way is based on Monika Schroder’s novel Act Scene One.
03Veera explains, “The play is about a smart child who is good at Maths. He leaves home to pursue the subject. The play is about his experiences in a big city. It is very different and quirky. I cannot choose one aspect of why I like the play. There are a lot of fun things to do. It also involves dancing which I love.” She further narrates that the play is about studying and even children will be able to connect to it. “Firstly, there are lots of students in the play. Also, some of us hate Maths, while others love it. We used a classroom set-up but the humour is very current. The play is all about how education is good for you. We have showcased this is a funny way.” 05
The experiences of putting up the play and getting positive reactions from the audience is surely heartwarming. “This is the first time I have worked with such amazing people. All are super talented. The process of putting up the play was fun. We had rehearsals all day but we did not have any problem. The response has been amazing. Kids and parents alike have all enjoyed it. We have kept some reference to films and have catered to young people. In fact, many kids come to take photos with us, after the play gets over. The best reaction was when a bunch of kids asked to solve some Maths problems!”
02For Veera, the play is about a kid who loves Maths and she wishes she had seen the play as a kid. “I hated going to school as I hated the subject. As I said, it is a musical play and when you sing a song about it, it makes you think about it.” As an upcoming actress, she has started her career in our very own city, while studying here. Theatre is where it all began. “I began with Uney Purey Shahar Ek. Theatre is an ongoing process for me and I get to act and dance.” She has also worked in Mohit Takalkar’s short film. At the moment, she considers herself a newbie and plans to take things as they comes. She wants to play good roles, even if they are small and involve hard work.
Ask her about her upcoming work, she replies, “Uney Purey… is happening. I am also doing another children’s play which is like the board game Cluedo. It is a musical and I get to sing. The best part is that it is an interactive play where the audience gets to select the clues.” A few films are in progress.
We look forward to seeing more of this pretty and talented lass!