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Book Review: Literally yours…

The book ‘Literally yours… Romance At A Lit Fest’ is set in an altogether fresh setting, which sets it apart from any typical love story.

Authors: Chetaan Joshi and Asha Francis
Publisher: Litreasure Publications
Price: Rs 195
Genre: Fiction
Released: 2014
The story begins with Lekh, an author who is perennially stuck with just one sentence of his new novel which goes like this- “I don’t know an author who doesn’t have a beautiful wife.” He is suffering from a severe case of Writer’s Block. In order to get over this block he decides to go to The Jaipur Literature Festival in hope to find some inspiration for his novel.  For Lekh, romance is the last thing on his mind but the first thing in his destiny.
Meanwhile, Lipi is searching for a happily-ever-after fairytale which could either be a romance about to happen or a story which is waiting to be written. She sets out on her own to the Jaipur Literature Festival hoping to start afresh. When she reaches Jaipur, she begins to venture out all by herself and bumps into Lekh. She is sure that there is something different about him, but can’t understand what and why they keep meeting each other in various situations even after she is trying not to let it happen.
The Festival turns out to be a perfect milieu where serendipity serves them a heady cocktail of love, literature and realisation that between the lands of fact and fiction there is no such thing as a line of control. One can always merge into the other to create a charming love story.
Literally yours is a collaborative creation of the writers, Chetaan Joshi and Asha Francis. They have created a story that instantly connects with the readers. This book is their tribute to the inspiration of that the festival played in both their lives.
‘Literally Yours…’ is a recommended read for two kinds of people – those who have been to the Jaipur Literature Festival and for those who haven’t. Grab the book to know how Lipi’s romance blooms with Lekh and read their journey of a charming love story! So, if you are interested in love or literature, this book is definitely Literally Yours!