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3 Recipes from the Temple Cuisine of India

The Temple Cuisine of India is happening at Four Points by Sheraton till August 14 and food has never tasted better! Here are three recipes that the hotel shared with us for you!
Mohan Bhog
(All Over Braj Bhoomi)
Serving: 8
Rawa Sooji 100gm
Besan 100gm
Wholewheat Flour 300gm
Sugar 500 Gm
Ghee 500 Gm
Water 2 Ltr
Dry Fruits 50 Gm
Make sugar syrup with water and sugar and keep aside. Heat the ghee and dry roast all the dry ingredients till fawn colour is attained or till a nutty aroma is released. Lower the heat and slowly pour in the sugar syrup. Stir vigorously to avoid lumps. Turn up the flame continuously stirring till all the syrup is absorbed and the ghee leaves the sides of the vessel. Sprinkle with slivered dry fruits.
Servings: 4
Ripe Jackfruit 500gm
Kala Channa(Soaked) 250gm
Sendha Namak 1 Tsp
Haldi Powder 1 Tsp
Fresh Coconut Grated Half(1/2)
Curry Patta 2-3 Sprig
Water 1 Lit
Green Coriander Chopped 1/2 Bunch
Mix all the ingredients in a brass degchi, but keep chpped coriander aside. Place a lid on top of the degchi. Keep on a low flame for two hours. Remove the cover, add chopped green coriander and mix well. Serve hot.
Pottal Rassa
(Jagannath Temple)
Parwal 1/2 Kg
Ghee To Fry
Dalchini 2 Sticks
Jeera 1 Tsp
Dhania Seeds 1 Tsp
Kali Mirch 1/4 Tsp
Grated Fresh Nariyal 2 Tbsp
Namak To Taste
Haldi Powder 1/4tsp
Slightly scrape, wash and dry the parwal and cut into roundels. Heat the ghee and fry till golden brown. Drain well. Dry roast the jeera, dalchini, kali mirch, dhania and grind with the nariyal to a smooth paste. Heat remaining ghee. Add ground masala, salt and enough water for a gravy. Bring to boil and lower the flame and add the fried parwal. Cook till the parwal is cooked.
Priced at Rs 675 plus taxes, Bhog – The Temple Cuisine of India food festival will be on till August 14th at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton from 7pm to 11pm. Contact 020 30931031/7709006688.