The hatching of The Hawks

We spoke to the founders of The Hawks Outdoors about their journey starting out and the various treks they have been to. Read the whole article to know what the new organisation is all about…

We evolve every single day. From the changes in small things we do every day to the larger scientific and natural phenomenon, change occurs with time. There are some within this crowd who dare to break from the walls of civilization created by society. Makarand and Abhishek are two such people who engaged me in a conversation, and told me about The Hawks Outdoors, which ventures out of the city boundaries and explores various fascinating locations.
So what really is The Hawk Outdoors?
They are a team who venture into the greens around Pune. They gather enthusiastic trekkers and manage expeditions in the wild. Their first impression is like nature itself, a calm soul which, they have decided would not barter for anything. The rest is an initiation, a journey which wafts like a medley in the coffee vapors that Makarand and Abhishek have brought me, as I listen to them answer.
The Hawks is a realisation of an idea that flew out of Makarand’s mind at 1:00 AM, during November 2012. It was immediately materialised by Abhishek and Yash’s zealous efforts and within a month and a half, they organized their most successful trek ever. It was a trek to Torna fort and their first group was ‘extremely social’ as they say. The whole event was indeed a thriving beginning, where they received applause and warmth from the group by the end of their trek – a moment they cherish. Thus, Hawks started soaring. As of today, they have trained 12 enthusiastic people to be volunteers for such treks.
But, they have had their share of highs and lows, mostly financially. Yet, as the foundation suffered some damage, their spirit patched the whole thing back together. “Hawks is not for profit-making”, they say. As of now, their passion makes it grow and actually respond to people’s liking for adventure. All this would eventually help them overcome the management crisis situations, the cancellations, etc. “But as of now these things result in a financial crunch,” laughs Makarand.

The Hawks see themselves travelling all over India in the next two years and maintain a dream of covering Himalayan treks soon. As of now, they plan to radiate to Mumbai, to gather people from that megapolis, to establish themselves with various groups.
This story I just encountered is a story that has a kind of a growing-up feeling to it. What took me aback is that these individuals who have formed ‘The Hawks Outdoors’ have a hectic schedule. Makarand is a law student and along with Abhishek, who is an employee, are attempting their CS exams. And yet, their passion draws them out of their schedule to rejuvenate. For Abhishek, it his sense of adventure and for Makarand it’s a thirst for adrenaline rush. Towards the end, I asked them a very obvious question as what would they choose when, in the future, it would come to a choice between a brilliant career and The Hawks. The answer was unanimous and confident.
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