Recipe for your child's success: Science and Education

It all started with a school in Patna, thousands of kilometres away from where Mumbai-based Ameet Parekh and Salome Joseph were. Ameet, a Pune University management grad, with a 15-year experience across industries teamed up with Salome who had been working in the film making creative space, entrepreneurship and training and mentoring for more than 12 years to form Brain Barn Edu. Brain Barn Edu runs the Access to Success program which is India’s first child development program designed to identify the potential of children aged 5-14.

“Having a working understanding of kids and studies, Salome and I wanted to work on something that would enhance the skills of children for life. This particular science appealed to us and we put together a team of experts to navigate us,” says co-founder Ameet Parekh. The Access to Success program scientifically analyses a child’s inborn intelligences, learning style and personality type. It then enhances their learning capacity with the help of several techniques. The program itself is combined with Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) followed by a workshop on whole brain development. DMIA is a psychometric analysis resulting from the scientific study of fingerprints. The skin patterns found on a child’s fingers, palms, toes and soles remain unchanged for life hence acting as unique genetic identifiers for the child’s traits and talents. DMIA thus gives a scientific and accurate understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences, his/her potential capabilities and personality.

“Today, there are a lot of academic as well as non academic options for children to do what we, as parents, want them to do. This may not always be in line with your child’s inbuilt skill sets or learning styles,” says Prajakti Shet, director of Serendipity and master franchise, Maharashtra and Goa. She explains the dilemma almost all Indian parents face, “Parents often wonder why their child behaves in a particular manner or why he/she lags in a certain subject. The current education system does not modify it’s methods to include different learning styles or cater to specific needs.” This is where Brain Barn Edu comes in. Salome Joseph, co-founder, also adds, “Once the child completes the Access to Success program, he/she is gifted with lifelong benefits such as enhanced social, kinesthetic, language and spatial skills, enhanced comprehension,  enhanced logical and creative abilities and an improved self confidence, IQ and EQ. These are lifelong benefits!”

After participating in the program, many parents came out feeling completely amazed and started looking at their children in a different light. Prajakti says that it was frightening, fascinating and amazing at the same time to witness children identify colours and get around obstacles blindfolded! Anand Sinha, a Pune based parent whose 8-year-old daughter Aakanksha Sinha attended the Access to Success workshop in Pune says, “My daughter had a good time and enjoyed herself. We could see that she was learning new things and we were impressed with all the benefits.”
Brain Barn Edu’s next Access to Success workshop will be held on August 2 and 3, 2014 in Pune. To know more, call Prajakti at 9823085000 and check