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“Laughter is a gift from the universe, as long as we breathe, we can laugh!” says Khushmita of Urban Ashram. We tell you more about the benefits of laughter and how it can make you healthier and happier…

Losing your sense of humour lately? That’s pretty common in this stressful and mundane lifestyle. You may not have a reason to laugh but that shouldn’t stop you from laughing. Didn’t get it? Well then, let’s see just how we benefit from laughing.


Laughter – the best medicine: Accept it; laughing keeps you alive and kicking. You can turn even the dullest of days into a happy one by laughing. Laughing brings that wide smile on your face that’s a symbol of optimism and a positive outlook towards life, besides the disappointments and failures.
Have you experienced this? A baby giggles loud and you are left with a big smile? The truth is that laughter stimulates your brain and keeps it very healthy! You can see that watching comedy shows on TV or even hearing jokes may evoke hidden laughter within you.
Laughing for a healthy body: Yes, it is scientifically proven! Laughter improves blood circulation, decreases stress and helps you have a strong immune system. Laughing releases endorphins- those ‘feel good’ natural chemicals which puts your body at ease. Doctors advise patients to laugh more, better enough if loud to drive away their illnesses.
Laugh for a sound mind: The very sound of laughter de-stresses your mind. So, you can understand how much laughing will work if you laugh yourself. Spiritual wellness is deeply connected to laughing too.
Laughing is a mood uplifter and in fact helps you in facing problems and challenges you earlier shunned away from! Achieve a better self esteem, perspective and enhanced energy levels by laughing.
Laugh with all: Did you know that laughing WITH another person promotes bonding and communication? Don’t you laugh like there’s nobody around when you are with your friends? It nurtures emotional connect, despite strong disagreements. Make your friend laugh in her bad times and see how it in turn has a positive effect on you too! Share laughter and infuse them in your daily interactions in your daily routine.
The Urban Ashram

Laughter clubs: Aren’t we Puneites a health-conscious lot? The answer lies in the huge number of laughter clubs in parks, gardens, ashrams and other community halls across the city. One popular place is The Urban Ashram. Situated in Mukundnagar, this place is thronged by many for its ‘In-vogue’ and very effective ‘Laughter yoga’. Khushmita, who conducts the laughter sessions in the Ashram says, “Laughter is a gift from the universe. As long as we breathe, we can laugh! Laughter actually heals people at a deep cellular level. When we laugh, we not only send signals of well being but also secrete positive hormones which act as an aid to various illnesses like stress depression, dementia, poor blood circulation and cardiovascular issues. “
She adds, “Our laughter sessions consist of cultivating childlike and playful behaviour like clapping, laughing out loud and even chanting and other different styles of laughter. People shed their inhibitions and we use stretching and breathing exercises too along with eye contact and body movements which will evoke real laughter and happiness! Participants have observed that even the frequency of common cold and flu has decreased to a huge extent and they feel fitter and fresh”
Laughter is natural and contagious; and with such laughter clubs around, they are sure to make you laugh out loud without any reason. So, keep laughing and remember, you laugh and the world laughs with you too! Laughing is indeed the best medicine to a healthy and joyful life!
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