Gaia's Throne: Understanding Sci-Fi metal

Gaia’s Throne is a band that encompasses grand narrations and tales of Sapiens, Eternus, aliens, scientists, schemes and plots and things gone wrong. All set in a dystopian future universe, their songs are a theatrical display of this story. We chatted up with a member of the band to understand their influences and the new genre of music they are venturing into…

Gaia’s Throne, the ‘sci-fi metal’ band, present an intriguing combination of a lyrical story based on science fiction. Their music draws influences from Western classical music, classic metal and progressive rock. This young quintet somehow makes sense of all this and composes compelling music for the metal fan. They have been playing a few shows here and there, which have definitely caught people’s attention!
gaiast1_smallI caught up with Sidharth Raveendran the vocalist of the band.
Their band has elements of hard rock/heavy metal and western classical influenced lead guitar playing, thus making their sound a mash of progressive-neo classical-hard rock. The lyrics are based on their concept and story . A story set in the distant future with a Science fiction backdrop which includes Aliens, Rebels and a Higher order species of mankind!
“Originally the band name was something Aditya Shukla, (guitarist) had thought of. He did have some sort of sci-fi theme in his mind when he thought of starting out with a new band. It grew into something much more detailed, a universe of its own after I joined in June-July 2012 and we kept writing the story ever since!” says Sidharth.
“The music revolves around four central characters set in a dystopian future universe. Our inspiration for the concept ranges from manga comics, to books, TV shows and movies we like in the genre. The music we play is primarily heavy metal, because we sing, play fast solos, heavy riffs and drumming that makes it so. The neoclassical/power-prog influences lie in there somewhere, along with the sci-fi inspiration in our lyrics.
gaiast2_medThe Western classical influence gives rise to a neoclassical style of lead guitar playing, which fits into heavy metal rather well. But purely as a metal band, our influences would be the classics we all enjoy – stuff like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Queensryche and the likes. Vikram (guitarist) and I listen to a lot of other stuff too. He likes a lot of electronic music while I love everything from bands like Foo Fighters to heavy music like Tool, Neurosis, ISIS. Influences as a vocalist would be Halford, Dickinson, Mike Patton, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate and Maynard James Keenan to name a few.”
Their debut show at Riffolution in December 2012 opened a lot of doors and has been a great boost to their profile in general. They have played 4 gigs in 2013 with the latest being Echoes From Beneath II, in Bangalore and a show in Pune called December Demolition.
They have released three singles – Gaia’s Throne, Contact and Eternalis.Currently they are in the process of writing material for a full length release.
Gaia’s Throne welcomes you to their universe with gut-busting songs and a story that taps into your supra-conscious!
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