Designing your space- Living room and bedroom

Pune homes are getting compact by the day and rates, soaring through the roof! So, here are some handy tips to space out your living room and bedroom…

Recently, I moved into a compact 1 bedroom-hall-kitchen home! The immense joy of owning your own nest seemed overwhelming. But with it was this huge task of furnishing the rooms in such a way that they were airy as well as elegant! Pune homes are getting compact by the day and rates, soaring through the roof! Students or professionals moving into the city find it difficult to make good use of their room, given the fact that they have roommates to share it with. So, here are some handy tips to space out your living room and bedroom.
PICTURE_2Invest in your taste: Having a small living room, I realized that I could still purchase that favourite sofa I have been eyeing since long! It will occupy space but placing the sofa of your choice is important too! Just ensure you don’t scatter more small pieces of furniture here and there. The sofa could also be a smaller cosy-twosome version which will save space. Stack a couple of plastic chairs aside.
The bed in the bedroom, must be centrally located. Check on whether you want a queen or king-size bed!
Built-in cabinets and tables: Goes without saying, go for built-in cabinets and three-in-one use tables. Like a coffee table with a drawer below could double as a place to keep the day’s paper! TV, speakers and DVD players should be mounted. Check for a nice pattern of shelves where the TV fits in well and stack your choice of books or vases per choice.
A foldable night stand table in the bedroom could place a lampshade as well as your Laptop!
Curtains: Always remember to hang your curtains from above the window or even from the ceiling. The height gives the illusion of having a bigger room. Choose light-coloured prints.
Wall paint: Thought that only the Plain-Jane shades could be used? Take your pick from neutrals, pastels, spaced stripes or stencil paint a wall! We Punekars anyway have a sober taste in terms of wall paint, isn’t it?
Avoid dark hues and try highlighting one wall with a piece of warli just above your bed or stencil-painting the wall facing the bed.

Frames and decor: Place your best picture frame or a big painting right above your bed. Alternately, you could create a small cosy corner in the sitting room and place the frame behind it. Keep wall hangings to the minimum; maybe 2-3 verticals for the Living room. Go in for only one pair of wall hanging lights; Do not cram the room! The bedroom could be furnished with your favourite table lamp in a corner which would light up the room.
PICTURE_4Mirror on the wall: I became aware that placing mirrors or glass-like articles neutralizes the existence of furniture. So, tuck in a mirror in the corner of the bed-room. Glass gives you the feeling of more space, get a glass centre table instead of wooden ones.
Well, with these tips, it sure has become easier for me to plan the décor in my house. Watch this space for some fruitful tips on furnishing the kitchen and optimum utilization of your balcony too!

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