Designing your space- Kitchen and balcony

Designing the kitchen and balcony can be a task, for one has to keep convenience in mind while trying to get aesthetic designs. We share a few tips to design the kitchen and balcony to add a new dimension to your home decor…

Now that the bedroom and living rooms have been finalised, let’s proceed to my favourite room- the kitchen and I like it ‘MY’ way! From the cooking range to cabinets, everything should be convenience-personified! It essential that you first make a list of what you want to place in the kitchen- cooking range, fridge and dining table too perhaps?

  • Kitchen_mainA small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you go the ‘modular’ way. Go as per your convenience and utility. Decide whether you would prefer trolleys, drawers or pull-outs on the basis of what and how you would place your utensils and cutlery. But shove them all ‘IN’.
  • Don’t have space for a dining table? Go in for a wooden pull-up dining table which could be pushed down when the work is done. 
  • Create one portable unit, which has some frequently used utensils; perhaps plates, set of knives or pots and pans. You could wheel it near you when you are cooking and shove it back.
  • I thought it would be a great idea to create a small shelf on the side of my stove consisting of some essential ‘handies’ like salt, sugar tea and spices which I need commonly.
  • KITCHEN_2Avoid putting curtains or venetian blinds on the kitchen window; allow as much light as possible.
  • Shelves can be covered with glass doors rather than wooden ones. Use light wood cabinets.
  • Space constraints can be solved by placing floating shelves which could form a pattern like stairs. Another idea is a Cube shelves unit- this could consist of 8, 12 or 16 shelves. These shelves could further be decorated with some synchronized printed wall-paper inside the shelves.
  • For securing maximum storage in your kitchen, build cabinets on one wall from top to bottom. Other ideas for an airy kitchen are freestanding piece for appliances, hanging storage racks, hidden cabinets and corner shelves. 
  • Ensure that you paint the walls of the kitchen in a contrasting shade separating it from the living room.
  • A super idea is giving a glassy shimmery look till a particular height of the kitchen. Not only does it look super-cool but also gives an illusion of less furniture around.
  • Use pendant or fluorescent lighting above the cabinets- this again makes the kitchen less stuffy!
  • Utilise the blank area above the kitchen by adding a long shelf!

Now, coming to the balcony, I have a small one but I do want to utilize it well!

  • balcony_1Firstly, ‘Do not overstock!’ I am creating a small portable unit for the washing machine; once the work is done, I wheel it back into a unit and push it back into the house- You can mount a lampshade or the ‘mandir’ on top of it. 
  • Instead of the regular clothes hanger you could go in for the clothes hanger fixed on the balcony shade which could be pulled down to hang the clothes and pushed up again!
  • We Punekars love our plants; we love the sight of greenery- But space the plants, don’t crush them all together due to lack of space!
  • Life becomes simpler when we organize our rooms, isn’t it? So, go ahead and try these tips for your new house or your old a house a new look!

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