Creating a business in art

Nishchal Zaveri has jumped over family jewellery business to do something on the independent music scene with Enzy Studios. He speaks about it and his new project, Enzy Studios Musical…

His surname has everything to do with shine, expensive and everything fine, literally and figuratively. Nishchal Zaveri belongs to the family which runs the legendary jewellery brand Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) group. The young one has charted his own path by becoming a singer, song writer, music instrumentalist and composer. He is on the path of a musical future with his Enzy Studios where he will play mentor to upcoming independent musicians and singers. The studio comes under Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Entertainment (P) Ltd. The studio is complete new music production sound house where you have state-of-the-art music recording studio also with pre and post production facilities.

Somewhere in business too, there is art.

IMG_4861The curiosity factor rises considering he comes from a background where gold, silver, gemstones and the works literally is the world. “Somewhere in business too, there is art. This element was always there, but I chose a different path. My passion is music and am totally into it. To do music is a challenge,” Nishchal quips. He feels handling this new venture is a challenge too and needs focus. He calls taking up music as a spontaneous decision, though the studio was a planned decision. Through it, he plans to provide a support to upcoming artistes. “The independent music scene needs to be made prominent.”
Music came into Nishchal’s life courtesy his grandfather Padmashree Kishorebhai Zaveri who gave him Tabla at age 2. Guru VP Mishra gave him a proper path from the age of six. He has learned Hindustani Classical, tabla, piano, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. A degree in Music Production from LA Music Academy later, Nishchal was a part of a band in LA and also worked as DJ Enzy there. Talking about his musical journey, he remarks, “Sometimes, when you learn to walk, you need to run. Maybe in India, I had no such experience of music. But in LA, I did and it was fine. There is no such studio in India like Enzy. People work in this space and also jam together. They are making music. If they do not like this space, I can use it for my own music. It is like the Catch 22 situation.” Many have called the studio as more than expected and showered good words on him.
_MG_6022At the moment, Nishchal has come out with two songs digitally. “I want to keep it independent rather than labels. I have good response even from those who do not know me. Many are coming to know me and my work. I am working on another song and will release it in a similar manner.” He rues over the fact that the independent music scene in India is negligent. “A lot of musicians have their own stories to tell and songs to sing. Bollywood is a different genre and limited. It leads to anger and frustration. They want to say but cannot.”

We will call new artistes to produce and make good music. We will also have jam sessions. We will groom these artistes and expose them to studio set-up.

Thus, Nishchal and his Enzy Studios have come up with a unique project like Independent Fridays wherein they will support new artistes in releasing a song each Friday. “We will call new artistes to produce and make good music. We will also have jam sessions. But it will not be like Coke Studio which has known names close to Bollywood. We will groom these artistes and expose them to studio set-up. This growing platform will give them a chance to do their own things and will have videos.” Newbies can email him and send their creative entries. Nishchal’s team will go through the entries. “The process is on and one can even contact me on Facebook. What counts is the passion. I want to see their determination. If they are okay, they can be even better.” The chosen will get featured in Enzy Studios Musical.
There are so many competitions for singers and musicians. But not many have really made it. Nishchal feels good attitude is where the success lies. “In a lot of competition, the winners become high-headed. They need to be humble which matters in a long run. Big names are like that and so such success is longer. To sustain that, you have to stay true to music.” Ask him about his likes and he quickly admits to being following music rather than artistes. “I take note of good music. With the internet, you have to just Google them to learn. But yes, physical experience of listening and knowing the music is different. You get to interact. In terms of music, I like all forms of music, right from Hemant Kumar to Kishore Kumar and Michael Jackson.”
Future plans for Nishchal Zaveri includes providing music in Bollywood. “I am collaborating with artistes and am working on projects. I am keen on Bollywood. There needs to be upliftment in music and I can add something to it.”
One can register or connect to Enzy Studios for audition by sending link to and mail a sample to C 501-502, Lotus Corporate Park, Jay Coach Signal, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400 063, Maharashtra, India.