Being Regionally Indian at ART Etc.

Art Etc. is a concept store that houses an eclectic collection of delightfully traditional handicrafts, products and items of the natural talent found in the interiors and rural areas of India. We tell you more about the store and the items you can buy here…

In an effort to support the dying tradition of handmade eco-friendly products, Maya Rao and Narendra Sachar have created a platform for rural artisans and craftsman at Art Etc. Art Etc. houses a diverse collection of indigenous art from various parts of the country. They have the wonderful design of some of the finest marble, sandstone, quartz and slate products, leather, wooden products and much more.
“Being in the media industry, we had made documentaries on artists residing in the remote parts of our country. As we are passionate of our colourful rural culture and always had an idea in mind to do something to bring unique, interesting art from the interiors to metro markets, we decided to take things slow and begin our venture, Art Etc.” says Maya
“We at ART Etc. are staunch supporters of indigenous art that comes directly by using raw material that is as far as possible sourced from natural resources and causing minimum damage to the environment. The products we source are natural products like terracotta, marble, vegetable dyed block prints, kantha work, traditional hand painted blue pottery among others and use traditional skills of the regions. The exquisite colour, delicacy and traditional motifs of blue pottery, distinctive styles of paintings, intricate designs of Meenakari, potter’s wheel, murals, bead work, handmade jewellery hand knotted woolen carpets, cotton durries, cotton and jute mixed durries of Jaipur and Jodhpur in their pastel shades with geometrical motifs design, extraordinary carved statues, busts, vases, candle stands, lamps & other furniture items and other objects in white marble stone and also an assortment of traditional Indian handcrafted embroidery, lush fabrics, old Bollywood posters and even saree borders are the wide range of products available .
Mixing the traditional with contemporary kitsch we then proceeded to source our products from today’s artists who have made a conscious social choice by working with the underprivileged women or tribals affected by troubled movements in their states , giving them the training and developing their skills to support their brand of art.”

Maya continues working in the field of Media and Entertainment in Mumbai to ensure that their venture gets the necessary funding and sustenance. “We hope to build gradual awareness amongst people about buying unique and eco friendly products over the bulk machine made ones. As a population we seem to lack respect for our own vibrant culture and traditional crafts. We wish to emphasize that fantastic award winning artists and skilled craftspeople are scattered all over our country and all we at Art Etc. are doing is bringing their work to you directly.”
Address: SHOP NO. 1, Rahul Park, Near Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, Gaekwad Nagar, Aundh, Pune