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AJNA Centre for Learning has been empowering people to create the positive change they seek in their lives. The founders of AJNA have spent a lifetime seeking out methods of self help that are effective, easy to do and with long lasting results. Read on to know more…

AJNA is a training centre where people are trained to improve the quality of their lives. Established in 1987, it combines a rich history of life coaching, spiritual development and seeking change. The founders, Ritu Malhotra and Dr. Warren Stagg, have spent their lives searching for methods of change management that work in ways that far exceed the efficiency and lasting duration of other self-help programs.
543610_369549166420042_1179614670_n Ritu is trained in psychology and is a teaching metaphysician. Her techniques combine the pioneering work of Gordon Stoke and Daniel Whiteside with the spiritual wisdom of the East. Ritu explains the concept and the reasons why she is the founder of the centre. “My belief and experience helped match the work to Eastern spirituality and philosophy to facilitate change in people’s lives. My training and mastery of alternative holistic methods of self help enable me to approach health, on all levels, in a truly practical manner. When I was little, I was an ailing child and my personal health was weak. Nothing seemed to be working on me. Medication didn’t seem to work or provide any solution. Finally when it came to Holistic healing, it brought me back to my life and I realised that there must be more people like me, who may need help and may not know the source to get that help. When it comes to healing, the emotional component is definitely a very important for the Body, Mind and Spirit. So I studied with an educational organisation in USA for ten years to get the required information, training and experience. It helped me evolve as a person and I felt it was almost like the Gita in Action. We are religious people, but we don’t know how to apply the teachings in the real life. But here I was being able to get the practical application of the same.
Having studied and practiced various branches of psychology, psychotherapy and self-help techniques, we found them to be rather incomplete because the focus was on curing the symptoms and not the root cause of the problems and addressing these in a holistic and consistent manner. The concept that someone outside of us, for example a therapist, would know what was wrong and had the ability or power to set it right from without, was not acceptable. Therefore AJNA was set up to apply gentle but powerful techniques that use the client’s own body and mind to diagnose and heal itself.

Founders of Ajna

At AJNA we use scientific techniques of kinesiology, the wisdom of Eastern Philosophy, and ground-breaking concepts involving the mind and body that are not found anywhere else. Where traditional psychotherapy and life coaching fails to yield desired results, AJNA offers an alternative to create lasting change in as few as 3 sessions. While AJNA doesn’t offer cures or treatments for disease, we do see real changes in clients who have physical manifestations of stress in their bodies. The facilitators at AJNA help clients overcome limiting belief systems and defuse unhealthy stressors in their lives.
The mission at AJNA is to focus on, clarify and remove any limitation that may interfere with accomplishing our purpose in this life.
Facilitate your ability to be more of what you really are and have more of what you really want. AJNA in Pune has inspired countless people from all walks of life, around the globe, to learn and participate in transforming lives, At AJNA there is a shared motivation to integrate learnings from science, metaphysics, energy medicine, behavioural genetics and spiritual awareness. We provide the tools to restore balance, nurture health and well- being to create greater joy and fulfilment in life.”
AJNA is a haven where seekers come to learn gentle methods of self discovery and stress diffusion. Each individual comes away with a renewed sense of awareness and is inspired and equipped to carry their work forward.
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