Mediterranean Nights at Seasonal Tastes

Try catching the Mediterranean Nights theme dinner at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park’s Seasonal Tastes. We tell you more about what it has to offer…

Special day special menu is the new thing for restaurants and foodies in the city. And The Westin Pune Koregaon Park has made it a point to get more people to appreciate their culinary talent. This is simply done by introducing food festivals, new menus and so on. They have now started a weekly Mediterranean Nights theme dinner at the all-day dining eatery Seasonal Tastes. This intruguing option will be available every evening after 7:30. It was an interesting thing to see interesting spread from the Mediterranean section, from the Balkan countries to those in the Middle-East. One can opt for this on Fridays to taste the most traditional fare offered.
Chef Prasad Metrani of Seasonal Tastes spoke of changing this menu every two weeks. “The region has rich and traditional cuisine. We have kept around 20 Mezzes and the ingredients have been specially flown in. There are different types of Hummus like the plain one, Beiruti, Turki and so on. A lot of them are light and the taste can be adapted. We also have vegetarian options. There are three types of Pita Bread too – plain, with zatar and a Turkish variety.” He feels Punekars are an accepting lot and will take it up quickly.

The main course delves in the usual favourites and some unusual offerings too. You have Shawarma, Kibbehs, Arabic charcoal grills like Kebab Joojeh, Samakal Faham and so on, Moroccan Lamb Broth, Falafel, several types of rice dishes, Moussaka, Batata Chaap, Lentil Shorba and so on. You could end with sumptuous desserts like Pistachio Baklava, Haluwe Jibneh, B’stilla Au Lait and so on. The chef did mention that the food from Middle East region tends to bend towards lemony flavour, along with spices like black pepper, cumin and so on. Turkey, on the other hand, does go for chillies. “We also have rose petal, orange blossom and pistachio ice-cream. There is an fennel flavoured arrack from Lebanon. It has high alcohol content.” Try the Turkish Coffee and Morroccon Mint Tea after you are done with the meal.
For the Mediterranean Nights theme dinner at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, you can call 18002582555 for reservations. The charges are Rs. 1,049 per person plus taxes and it is held every Friday after 7pm.

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