In Conversation with Prateek Nandan

Prateek Nandan, a corporate turned musician, tells us about how his journey in music began and what it is to be the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, ‘Agastya’. Read the unplugged conversation with him…

A flamboyant vocalist and guitarist, Prateek Nandan is a trained sound engineer from Seamedu Media School. Having the versatility to play a wide range of genres, he can master anything and blend it perfectly in his smooth and unique voice. Born and brought up in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, was initially not interested in the field of music. “Participating in one of the inter-school singing competitions, where I got the second prize was what initiated my journey into music. My teachers’ constant support and encouragement for music played an important role in my life. I continued performing at music competitions ever since. I never got any formal training in music. For me music is what feelings sound like. It is all about being able to connect to its form. The feeling and emotions of music that appeal to me gets translated into my compositions.” says Prateek.
“Though I was getting the praise and attention for my music and performances, I couldn’t only rely on it. Being brought up in an environment where people do not appreciate a career in music, I had to continue studying. I moved to Pune and continued to pursue music along with my graduation. I performed for a few shows around the city. After completing my MBA, I took up a job at IndiaBulls. Working in the corporate industry seemed great in the beginning, but down the line I realised that no matter what I do, or where I go, I was always recognised for my music. I knew it was time to pick up my guitar again and step into the place where I actually belong.
I quit my job and joined Agastya, around four months ago as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Agastya is a high energy five piece band with our unique blends of styles ranging from Progressive Rock, Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock and Indie-pop. We have played 18 gigs so far, with Raahein, an initiative of the Times of India.” Their sound is recognisable with intensity catchy melodic heavy grooves, odd heavy solos, groovy riffs, smooth vocals, driving rock bass and drums.

Along with playing in the band, Prateek also performs solo gigs. He has six releases to his name with one being a cover. Each song composed by Prateek have special themes that relate to his emotions, thoughts and feelings. He never fails to get the crowd going with his wit and presence of mind. With the enormous range of his voice and command on the stage, the crowd is guaranteed to be entertained.
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