Food Review: Wholly Crêpes

For those who would love to try different kinds of crêpes at a great price, feel free to head to Wholly Crêpes in Model Colony. Here’s a review to help you get a better idea…

I was scouting for something very unique and very Continental to eat in our foodie city. I was surprised and happy when I came to know about a new French place at an unexpected place – Model Colony. The place has eateries but nothing of this kind. Named Wholly Crêpes, it, like its name, makes classic French dishes and a little more. A gringe-like smile later, I was in the restaurant with friends to taste some interesting crêpes over gossip and fun.
[divider ]AMBIENCE[/divider]
Ambience is the first thing you really want to notice in any eating joint. This place looks pleasing an inviting as soon as you enter. It has stark white walls with interesting wall illustrations of food and France, easy cafe style seating arrangements (inside and outside) and pleasing music. The sign board with its sky blue and brightly lit interiors is inviting. The one issue which might pose a trouble for some would be the PMC garbage bin nearby playing a spoiler. When asked about it, we were told that requests have been made to remove it. We moved to a pleasant table from where we could see the kitchen.
[divider ]FOOD AND DRINKS[/divider]
We check the menu card with deep interest and notice that they have three kinds of crêpes to offer. The Savoury Crêpes have two sections – Non-veg (Rs 270) and Veg (Rs 245). It comes with small side salad, option of buckwheat or whole wheat crêpes and eggless option for the veg fillings. The options here are quite intriguing, right from Gallete Compléte (a classic egg, cheese & ham crêpe with a twist), Ratatouille (The French Classic in a Crêpe) to Thailandis (A Cold Crêpe with Asian-spiced Grilled Chicken and/or Vegetables on a Bed of Lettuce smothered with Chilli Mayonnaise Sauce) and Oignons Caramélisé (Tender Caramelised Onions, Grilled Chicken/Paneer, Flavoursome Goat’s Cheese and Basil). One could also try making their own Savoury Crêpes, from the egg, vegetarian, non-veg and cheese options available. Of course, you have the buttered buckwheat or whole wheat crêpe.
You also have the Crêpes Sucrées or Sweet Crêpes option which comes with the buckwheat or whole wheat crêpes and eggless option, if asked for it. With different prices, you have options ranging from the Classic (Lemon, Sugar/Honey, Butter) at Rs 170, Simply Nutella (Nutella with Toasted Walnuts and Bananas/Strawberries) at Rs 200 to Red Velvet (Red Velvet Crêpe with Mascarpone filling and Chocolate Sauce) at Rs 270 and Poached Pear with Wine Reduction at Rs 270. One has the option of adding ice cream at Rs 50.
While we gleefully went over the interesting Crêpes options, we were happy to note the Salad options which were quite decent and priced between Rs 225-270. You had the usual coffees, teas and cold beverages.

We ordered for the Italien Crêpe (Rs 270) which was described as a ‘delightful combination combo of chicken Bolognese sauce, ricotta cheese and parsley. One could describe the taste as sublime. The whole wheat crêpe were perfectly turned out and soft even if it went cold. The Bolognese sauce, ricotta cheese and parsley were melt-in-your-mouth cooked and not one taste overwhelmed the other. The sauce had a hint of sweet taste courtesy the onions and perfectly spiced. The chicken was perfectly cooked. The Trinite Crêpe (Rs 270) again turned out to be an interesting option with chicken, spinach, mushroom and cheese filling. The flavours complimented each other especially the cheese. All this was consumed between bouts of a well-brewed Coffee Latte (Rs 90) and Green Tea (Rs 90).
Being the typical Indians, our sweet tooth took us to Simply Nutella (Rs 200) and Fruit ‘N’ Crème (Rs 225). Simply Nutella was as a certified hit, with the perfectly made whole wheat crêpe filled with Nutella and bananas. Each flavour completed the other and the sweet factor was not over done. One wished there were slightly bigger pieces of walnuts as one had to struggle to pick the smaller ones. The Fruit ‘N’ Crème Crêpe was decent with seasonal fruits, decent amount of chocolate sauce and too much cream.
[divider ]SERVICE[/divider]
As we entered the eatery on a weekday and early in the evening, hardly any customer had arrived. So the chatty girl serving us was attentive to our needs and suggesting things to eat. It was quite a nice effort on the management part to mention if one wanted eggs in the crêpe batter as some could be allergic to it. The dishes were served in 15-20 minutes, depending on the variety we ordered. Later, we met the owner who also spoke about the venture. Overall, the service was good, though we expect more in terms of waiting staff.
[divider ]VERDICT[/divider]
The fact that Wholly Crêpes in Model Colony is based on an unusual theme deserves maximum points. They have kept a wide variety of crêpes with exciting fillings. The other options are not much, but it does not matter. Wholly Crêpes seems dedicated to creating some delicious crêpes at a price which one can afford. It is worth a go for more than one occasion.

Where:  Shop 11A, S 9777B, Rajas Garden, Near Former Spencer’s Daily, Model Colony. The nearest landmark is the Hotel Management Institute.
Timing: 6pm-11pm from Tuesday-Friday and 11am-11pm; Monday Closed.
Pricing: Rs 1000 for two people