Food Review: Kimling

Located on Nagras Road in Aundh, Kimling is a small yet inviting joint that is especially recommended for those who love Chinese food. Here’s a review of the restaurant and its food…

Located on Nagras Road, Kimling is a small but very welcoming restaurant. Chinese food lovers can choose from the regular Chinese dishes made specially with the touch of perfection by the restaurant Chefs.
[divider ]Ambience[/divider]
The clean, beige bamboo interiors at Kimling, gives you a relaxing feeling. Although its area is not very large, one doesn’t feel cramped. One can choose to either sit outdoor in booths or individual tables; or on a ground level seating inside in booths very comfortable for a group of four people and a second level seating for those in more number. You may have to wait for outdoor seating over the weekends.
[divider ]Food and Drinks[/divider]
Kimling serves a wonderful blend of Chinese cuisine that is at once populist as well as deeply satisfying to the discerning palate. We pampered our taste buds by indulging in various delicacies like:

  • The Steamed Chicken Dumplings (delicious)
  • Barbeque sweet and spicy chicken (blends the flavours of sweetness and spicy well)
  • Manchow Soup (steamy and tasty)
  • Hunan Chicken (adequately spiced but the right mix to tackle your taste buds)
  • Devils Chicken:(Soft and long pieces of chicken dipped in red chili paste. Tasty if you can handle the spice.)
  • Five Treasure Rice (a very unique blend of Mushrooms, prawns, broccoli, olives and spinach)
  • Kimling Special Rice (basically a fried rice dish)
  • Hakka Noodles (simple and tasty)
  • Honey Noodles with Ice Cream (deep fried flat noodles, tossed in honey and garnished with sesame seeds, served cold with vanilla ice cream)

Kimling also offers set lunches, that are ideal for office parties on a budget or even group social lunches. You can choose one option each from the four soups, four starters, four main course items and four desserts/beverages. The food here is not too expensive. The presentation is simple. Every penny spent here is definitely worth it.
[divider ]Service[/divider]
The service at Kimling is very prompt. You will not have to wait to place your order or to get your order served on time. The staff is courteous.
[divider ]Verdict[/divider]
Simplicity, good food and flavours – the essential elements of Chinese food are all there. Give it a try!