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Book Review: Once Upon a Crush

‘Once Upon a Crush’ written by Kiran Manral is not just a book on office romances, it is also a revealing peek into the lives of the 20-something generation. Here’s a review of the book…

Once Upon a Crush’ is a story about Rayna De, a twenty-nine year old free-spirited girl from Kolkata who works in the city of dreams, Bombay. Things aren’t going her way, a runaway friend is bunking with her, she has a boss who is a Satan reincarnate, her thirties are running towards her with all their might and to add to it, her love life is non existent. Her superiors bully her into finishing more and more work in lesser and lesser time..
Meanwhile her parents are pestering her into getting married. Not having found the perfect man, she is ‘seeing’ prospective suitable partners. The one saving grace is the office hunk, Deven Ahuja. When The Ahuja (as he is called) enters the office, Rayna quickly falls head over heels for him. She tries telling herself otherwise, all in vain. Responses from the office hunk who has a model-turned-actress for a girlfriend are hot and cold at the same time, it confuses Rayna further. While there is so much confusion already in her life, her parents put in front of her, a Sid Bose, all with a fat pay pack and three bedroom house. The choices that she makes gives the story some interesting turns.
The author has described each character with a funny twist. Be it the overly dramatic friend Pixie or the highly irritating colleague Mathur, the boss Aparajita or the crush himself. The reader can empathise with Rayna, a girl coming to the city of dreams from Kolkata. It is simple yet vivid at the same time.
Author: Kiran Manral
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 224
Price: Rs.195
Kiran Manral is an Indian writer, blogger, media consultant and the founder of India Helps, a volunteer network which works with disaster victims. She has also worked with several publishing houses as a features writer and journalist. A self-professed school gate mom, she lives in Mumbai with her family. This is her second book after ‘The Reluctant Detective’.Once upon a crush is a book about the life, love and dilemmas of a single girl living in Mumbai. It is not just an office romance infused with the author’s self-deprecating humour, it is also a revealing peek into the lives of the twenty somethings of this generation.
Its a nice light read. The pretty cover gets it placed in the chick lit section, but just like crushes aren’t gender biased, the book isn’t either!