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Book Review: Aisle Be Damned

Rishi Piparaiya, in his impeccably humorous style and learnings learnt from incessant travelling, gives you a first-hand guidance of air-travel right from the moment you decide to travel to the moment you reach your destination. Here’s the book review…

Aisle be Damned‘ is the first book penned by Rishi Piparaiya who, as a seasoned flier, has an experience of more than a thousand flights under his belt. To begin with, the author has listed the essential packing list for a safe and pleasant journey. He doesn’t give a specific reason but says that the readers will appreciate it later. It quickens the enthusiasm of the reader to turn the page to know what the book has to offer.
The plush and chaotic environment of an airport, optimal boarding strategies to maximize your gains and minimize your displeasures, sorting the age old dilemma about window and aisle seats with pros and cons of both, everything about flight safety right from the takeoff to the landing, information on safety which is beyond the safety information card and which is to a great extent in your own hands, the food and alcohol and the what not’s of them, the full guide to determine your captain’s capability and worthiness, the conversations with co-passengers and how to make them really interesting, and the guide to perfect airport pickups, the book offers a take on all of these and does it in a funny and humorous way. The author talks about incidents that could happen on any flight to you and me and it is also a testimony to everything that goes wrong (barely right) as you are a thousand feet up in the sky and cannot do anything about the situation.
The author has covered all the minute details of travelling by air. He has summed almost everything that can go wrong and right when you travel by air. The humour in the book is not forced and what really works in the book is that the author has pulled out some common observations which anyone with air travel experience can relate to. You can finish this book in one sitting, when you are all game for some good dose of laughing your heart out. Full with pictures and anecdotes, it is a one step guide to your air travel. The nuisances surrounding air travel and the futility of certain unnecessary and dispensable procedures is beautifully captured and brought to the front.
This book is a recommended read not just for frequent fliers but also for the not-so frequent ones. It has the right mix of fun, information, insight and advice.