A tiffin that's Zakas! Tiffin Service is the right place to get wholesome veg tiffins for working professionals, college students or anyone looking for a healthy and tasty tiffin. We tell you more about the tiffin service that believes in providing home-style cooked food at a reasonable price…

Food comes under the essential category and when you cannot prepare food for yourself, the eternal battle for good and healthy food sets in. And it can be tiring. We have an answer to this for all Punekars. It is Tiffin Service which is into providing healthy tiffins targetting the working professionals and also those who have older parents at home. Started by Shital Bhamare, this service is located in Pimple Saudagar. Bhamare explains, “The concept of daily tiffin meals service in Pune came as we faced the challenge ourselves about eating right in our day to day life, working long hours and compromising our health everyday. I am a homemaker and my husband is software entrepreneur. We did not get any solution for the problem from anyone. That is when we decided that we would provide good tiffins to everyone. A lot of rookie players are entering the segment. The ones who survive will be the ones who are passionate about good food. We thought of contributing to the market and did not much focus on competition. We would love to be what we want to be for our customers.”
It is a vegetarian option all the way for Zakas. They have a trial meal (Rs 75 per tiffin), complete meal (Rs 1,500 per month) and a mini meal (Rs 1, 400 per month). There are also some way to make sure that you get a refund on a cancelled tiffin. Each will offer different kind of meals to suit your purpose. Plus, the delivery is free. Bhamare reveals, “If we repeat one vegetable in a month, that tiffin would be free. We have diverse preparation styles, no repetition of dal and rice preparation in a week. Four hand-made soft chapati and Basmati rice are our point of focus. service includes lunch and dinner tiffin meals and free home delivery.” The best part is they have their own website, Facebook page and you can co-ordinate with them over sms, whatsapp or call.

As mentioned earlier, it is perfect for the working professional who is bogged by corporate lifestyle and has no time for cooking. It is also for the older parents who are at home but just do not want to cook. If the husband and wife are working, then their parents can avail of this service quite nicely. Bhamare adds, “Response has been very good. Whoever has eaten the meals from our tiffins has loved it. We have plans to serve more categories in tiffin services in near future, from diabetic, low calorie, for senior citizens, patients, etc. We plan to go in more and more areas of Pune.” Till then, we can zakas with this tiffin service.