(Un)Plug it in with Geetu Hinduja

When you hear Geetu Hinduja perform at Euriska, Koregaon Park for the concert ‘Geetu Unplugged’, you will hear an eclectic mix of folk, country music, soft-rock and alternative. Read on to know more about the concert and the unique music performed by the acclaimed singer…

The music scene in the city is lively and warm, welcoming new genres and ideas openly. This time, it is singer-songwriter Geetu Hinduja, who will be performing in the city after a long time at Euriska, Koregaon Park between 9-11pm on May 14. The concert, titled ‘Geetu Unplugged’, features Roland Fernandes on guitar, Vinayak Radhakrishnan on percussion and Kunal Naik on mouth harp. Pune Jazz Club is organising this concert. Geetu is clear in what she wants to perform at the concert – it will be a combination of original tracks with some cover version. “It will be quite a mix from folk, country music to soft-rock and alternative.”
The concert has the backing of the jazz club and so one wonders if Jazz is her thing. Geetu describes her music as something which is just the way the singer wants it to sound. “For example, even while doing cover versions, I will address it in a different way. We are not a regular band playing here and so for me, it is a challenge to maintain the unplugged sound. The original and peculiar sound may belong to a particular genre but will fit in the band’s configuration. We have percussion, as I have never performed with drums. There will be electric guitar this time which is a nice balance.” She describes her music as things she likes and that are exactly what Punekars are going to hear at the concert. One interesting bit will be that of some shloks which she performs and wants to do more of it in the future.
One is pleased as a punch when Geetu says she is happy to perform in Pune as she finds the audience here to be amazing. “They are open to different ideas. In Mumbai, they have fixed notions. It is wonderful for people like me who are not slotted easily. There is an instant connection.” Very few might know that Geetu has been trained in Indian classical music and so one wonders if that is still a part of her music. She admits that it is not a major part, like in terms of breaking out in alaap and so on. “But it has given a foundation to understand music and enjoy it. I had to make a decision to go in one direction which I love. But I continued to study and I am always looking forward to new things.”
Interestingly, her first album Dancing Free came in way back in 1993 and her next album Hope Faith Time & Me came out in 2013. Her valid reason for the delay was marriage and taking care of her three daughters. “There were tough choices and one of it was not to do music for a while. When the children grew up and flew solo, I decided it was time to do something. Earlier, I had got into art business for 15 years as an art consultant and also had an art gallery. It worked better for that situation. Last year, I wrapped up the company to continue to study and do music. When I decided to do music, it was easy to travel and learn things.”
Most who have followed would know that Geetu’s music or songs have a story to tell and are quite evocative. She feels that any creative act like a song has a story to tell. It should resonate who I am and in the process, let others know that too.” At the end, Geetu Hinduja’s message regarding what to expect at the concert is simple – happiness and soul. We hope so too.
Catch Geetu Hinduja at the concert, Geetu Unplugged at Euriska, Koregaon Park on May 14 from 9-11pm, courtesy Pune Jazz Club.