'Reduce, Reuse & Recycle' at Green Turtle

Bored of the usual summer camp routine? Looking out to try out something new this summer? Try The Eco Friendly Camp at Green Turtle Kids Activity Center, as we tell you more about their activities and what they have planned for the summer…

Summer holidays have already started and we can see that there are dozens of camps across the city catering to children and teens, with a number of routine activities to engage their holidays. Here is one camp that is slightly different from the rest, the one by The Green Turtle Kids Activity Center, with the theme “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. It has a lot to offer for kids from between the age of 1-10 years. The center is targeting a new clientele in Pune- the toddlers, which is one of the factors that differentiates this center from the other camps in the city.
Music and Movement, Organic Mud Play for Kids, Waste Instruments, Trash To Treasure, Heal Thy Neighbourhood, Earth Day, Buddhaful Yoga Session, Chirpy Chimps, Sand Art By Imagemake, Solar Cooking, Balloon Sculpting, Jolly Juniors, Vermi Culture are some of the interesting and quirky activities they have planned to keep children engaged for the long summer vacation. These are planned in such a way that it helps to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, while simultaneously working and building their confidence and soft skills. The sessions are a few hours long, conducted either daily or thrice a week and most engage the toddlers and their parents.
An access to a wide range of toys, books and games, an open play area and the personal attention and care given here are attracting parents to enroll their children. When Krupali (Kuki) Mongia, proprietor of the center first moved to Pune (from Mumbai), she was not sure where she could take her 3 year old daughter to interact with kids her age and also explore a range of activities she could do. All that Kuki came across were a few drawing, arts and crafts and dance classes. This was when she thought of starting a venture like this. She felt the need to create a space for a child of any age who can get a chance to do something which is out of the box and still be able to enjoy what he or she is doing and in turn also learn something in the process. Every activity that is organised at the camp is created in such a way that there is a practical application of the same in one’s daily life. Also these activities are not something that can be seen on the internet and taught to the child. It is about bringing about a difference to the child’s learning in an innovative manner.

Also, when she was asked about targeting the new clientele of toddlers, she said that it is a good way to develop the confidence and interactive skills of children. For instance, toddlers tend to bang things on the ground, they utilize this by giving them paintbrushes and they end up creating beautiful paintings. Toddlers can explore an environment that encourages curiosity, imagination and experimentation. The little ones can also get a chance to build relationships with other children through shared experiences and coordinated play. This also gives the parents of the toddlers a chance to interact with other parents and share their experiences and also explore and enhance their parenting skills.
Here is a new approach to spend the summer holidays. So why not give it a try?

Vasantvidya, B Wing,
Off Baner road, Opposite Solaris Gym
Baner, Pune 4110045
Contact:9820963599, 9820833442