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Music Review: Heropanti

Try looking for some entertaining and fun music when it comes to Heropanti. Perfection is the word for the music of this upcoming film. Here is a music review of the film…

Heropanti, a film launching Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger, looks like a total masala Bollywood film and of course, the music should be as masaledar as the movie promos look. After you listen to the album, one can bet that you might want to watch Heropanti. Yes, it is promising but not perfect. Sajid Wajid, Manj Musik and Mustafa Zahid & Bilal Saad compose the music for this film.
The song doing the rounds of popularity charts is Whistle Bajaa. Composed by Manj Musik, written by Raftaar (yup, that’s a name) and sung by Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur and Raftaar, be assured that the hip-hop number will be on your mind. The famous flute number from Hero is in the whistle form but in parts. Mohit Chauhan is perfect for any romantic number and he sings Rabba effortlessly. Written by Kausar Munir and composed by Sajid-Wajid, the track’s rather chirpy nature comes from the excellent use of guitars, violins, dafli and table. A hint of manjeera is great. And of course, Chauhan’s honey-glazed voice lifts the romance. Munir’s lyric describes the hero’s feelings for his loved one and meeting her well. Certain pleasantness keeps the song from mediocrity.Heropanti
Sajid-Wajid and Kausar Munir return with Raat Bhaar and this time, they team up with the singer-of-the-moment Arjit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. A party number with techno beats and hummable track, a soft touch is lent courtesy the singers. You come back to Mohit Chauhan with Tabah which is again a romantic track from the Sajid-Wajid and Kausar Munir wagon. You have to give it to the composers to give a pop feel to a sad number, complete with electric guitar, piano and drums. There is no need to tell you about Chauhan’s mellow voice. The remix version is a good attempt – not at all screechy and neither the electronic music nor the singing overwhelms each other.
Go bold with a rather upfront song, named The Pappi Song. And it shouldn’t be hard to guess that it is a hip-hop techno Punjabi number, composed by Manj Musik, written by Raftaar and sung by them together. Dance at a party, pub, or anywhere you feel like as this is perfect party song to rock. Beware as you might hear this song blaring out of the cars a lot. If completely time pass songs like this work for you, go ahead and listen to it.
It is quite intriguing to hear yet another romantic ballad, Tere Binaa. It has simple music with just a guitar in the background, courtesy the composer Mustafa Zahid and Bilal Saad and written by them. The romance is in singer Mustafa Zahid’s voice. The lyrics are equally superb. Sample this – Ho aadhi Adhuri iss dastaan mein, Kaise koyi rang laaye, Kaise koi muskuraye, itne ghamon mein do pal khushi ke, Kaise bhala yaad paayein, Tumko bhula Na paayein.
When one expects Heropanti to be a typically masala Hindi film affair, the music album does a good attempt at that. It has romance and is young but not brash. It is a complete package.
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